Flying Fairy Violet is Sold

quick update.   Violet has sold.   I will be starting more of these dolls.  I am going to do more like Violet and Juniper.  These lighter fairies that are the soft sculpted style.  They really are lovely to hold.   They do not feel so rigid and heavy like full sculptures.  Really sweet and lightweight.

I been “life” busy but I am managing to work on my art.  Thank you all for being so wonderful and enjoying my creations.  With all the madness in the world I do feel that my little wonders are more magical than ever during these times.    When I make someone smile, feel good, and they enjoy my fairies and the magic of my little lovelies, it sure makes me feel good.

Luv and Hugs



OOAK Fantasy Doll Princess Fairy

I am finally back in my art studio creating my dolls. I had a long break.  It was due and allowed me to regroup. I also moved my art studio. I had to do a lot of work setting up my new location.

Here is one of my latest dolls.  She is a soft sculpture. Meaning the head and limbs are sculpted and then the costuming is constructed. I really love these because they are not as heavy as a full sculpture.  So they can be displayed in many versatile ways without worrying about the weight of the doll.  They ship easier as well.  They are less fragile.  Tiny areas like fingers and ears are still fragile but overall I find this technique just more durable for fairy sculptures. I plan to do more of these.  I will alternate with this style and full sculptures depending on size as well.

She is sold.  I really love this one.  I named her Lunaria Aveline.


My new Online Shop is Ready!

I finally have my new home/shop for my dolls and other fairy goodies.  This site is totally free and I found it very simple to use.  Not as robust as Etsy but I think it will work just as well.

CLICK HERE to visit my new shop online. Paypal is still my method of payment.

The site is called

 I am excited to use this site since it allows me to have complete control over my store.  This is how Etsy started until they got too big and (in my opinion) they lost the ability to accommodate sellers and made it more difficult to sell on their site.

I have a few items listed and a recently sold doll as well.  I have made some adorable fairy furniture and really enjoy this. My intention is to create some fairies for the furniture as well.  Here’s a few of my magical fairy bed sets with matching side tables for each.  I already have listed some of them in my new online shop.  I have a couple more to add yet.

The furniture is made using all natural twigs and vines and wood.  Each bed takes about 11 hours to make.  I cut all the wood pieces and design it by hand.  They are one of a kind and no two are alike.

I called this one Citrine and Turquoise.  The end table has a lamp and sculpted clay vase and flowers.



I called this one Midnight Blue. I love this one! Deep rich blue. It is magical. The end table has vase with flowers and a fairy crystal ball.


This one is a half canopy daybed style.  So sweet.  Matching end table has a lamp, a dragon fly and a reading book.  Adorable!


These are so much fun. I would love to be a fairy and sleep in these magical beds!  THese are all currently listed in my new shop online!

I have also made a chair, a bench, a sink, a patio set.  More blog photos of those items to come and those will be listed in my shop too!

Dont forget to visit my new shop online!

Fantasy Art Dolls





I Left Etsy as a Seller.

Its been awhile since I posted here at my blog. It gets quite hectic and I had no time to update my blog.

I started creating some fairy furniture.  Cute little bed sets and other wonderful garden fairy accessories.  I will post photos here soon.

I decided to stop selling on Etsy due to their new payment policies.  It is essentially a setup whereby sellers are working for Etsy.   I can not use my own paypal account outside of their system for payments on goods or services.  Etsy has taken over and manages your paypal account through their system and payment is not immediately.  They distribute your funds.  I chose not to participate in this absurd new policy.  I enjoyed selling on etsy however as with all these big sites, after time they tend to do overdo things and get bigger and bigger, more fees, etc. and it is too much work and hassle.  They have lost my interest.   They used to be a great selling venue. However, when it becomes so complex to sell, it keeps me from creating and more time is needed at computer managing my Etsy Account.  Simple is better, selling is simple, they have made it difficult.  I am opting out.   I don’t want to spend a lot of time on computer; rather be spending time creating my art not doing all this work constantly having to change things per Etsy.  Its even getting harder to create a listing with all their fancy features.  To me their are time wasters.

I have started a new shop online and soon I should have some of my items in there and will update my blog when my new shop is open.  I will still take paypal.  I also thought of  selling my items directly through the blog here.  So that is something I am considering as well.

Anyway, I will post my new artwork here soon.  The fairy furniture is so darling and I actually think I want to sculpt some fairies for the furniture as well.  So that is my plan.


Stay tuned…..



OOAK Toadstool Fairy Fiona Maeve

I have been working for a couple weeks on this doll.  After he was finished I proceeded to make some beautiful fairy garden accessories.  This doll just kept calling for me to create things around her.

I just listed her in my Etsy Shop.  Please visit my shop to see her beautiful photos and I sure hope she finds a wonderful home and she will be enjoyed and loved.

There are more photos you can view here

A lot of work went into this doll and Im just thrilled she turned out so beautiful.




OOAK fairy Ayana magic fairy ball

I have been extremely busy creating a fairy land of fairy accessories.  I will blog about these items later.  I also have a larger fairy sculpture almost completed as well.  I am still working on finishing up her and many fairy scenery accessories… I should be finished this week.

Meanwhile I have finished this little cutie.  She is holding a magic fairy ball.  It has nice natural glow to it in the lighting.  Its so cute!  She also has a wand.

This doll can be seated or posed in a flower arrangement.  Stop by my etsy shop to see her listing.