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Wet Felting

Well, I am sorry but my altered book is not done yet. LOL. I will get to it soon! I have the sculpting part of it left to do. I somehow got sidetracked and found wet felting. Like I need another hobby besides my sculpting. HA! Yikes.

But I found it by accident and soon enough I was hooked and determined to try this! So I bought some wool roving, a book, some other miscellaneous supplies and off I went. My first thoughts when I found this was making little felt bundles for my babies. So here we go! What I do for my little sculpted babies!

My first piece I did (which I will not post), did not turn out great. It didn’t felt and I also choose pink and tan roving. Well, it look like splat of baby vomit! Bad color selection and I won’t do that again.

So the next day I tried again. I am really bad about taking the time to really read through a book when I start something new. I buy the book, I quickly glance at the supplies, get what I need and then dive right in. Which is why my first piece probably didnt work too well. So after that blunder, I figured I better take the time and read first.

My second piece turned out better. First, I made sure I didnt choose bad colors. I did pink and green. The book also mentioned to start with snakes. So here was my results. I love making the cords/snakes. This wetfelting is truly a workout, I should have some nice biceps and arm muscles if I keep doing this. So here is what I did. Keep in mind it was hard to take pictures because my hands were very wet and soapy, but I did my best to capture this process. I have no idea if this is how it should go, but it worked for me! I am learning, what can I say. If your a wet felter reading this, go easy on me with commentary LOL. I really was sort of ‘winging it’!

All images are clickable for larger viewing.

This was my real first piece I did and after this I was hooked. YEAH! I can do this and like it!

Today’s results are shown below and each step I took. With this piece, I was anxious to embellish but was not quite sure how to do that yet. So I decided to just try these bits of wool yarn. I really was not sure if the yarn would felt in, but I gave it try.

I will start with my supplies: The book (which I really need to read some more), a bottle with holes poked into the top to pour/shake the hot water on the wool. Rubber non skid mats (from supermarket), ballerina tulle, olive oil soap, wool roving, some embellishment yarn of choice.

My work surface: Stair treading (from home depot, one foot segment), bubble wrap which is used underneath the wool roving (bubbles face up).

My wool roving in green and blue, some wool yarn for embelishment.

I lay out the whispy pieces of the wool roving however I like my pattern. 3 layers I did of the blue and green. Each layer is 90 degrees to the layer below.

I then added some of the wool yarn for embelishments – keep in mind I still do not know anything but the basics and am clearly ‘winging it here’.

I then lay the ballerina tulle over the roving to keep the fibers in place during the wet felting.

I fill the bottle with hot soapy water (dawn dish detergent just a dab) and pour on the roving from center out. When water is all over the wool I then begin to press firmly down with my hands to soak it into the fiber.

I then take my olive oil soap and just gently rub over the tulle to get some of the soap all over the roving. Then I agigate the wool with my palms/hands for about 5-10 minutes. Pressing down and slightly vibrating my hands over the wool making sure to get every area agitated from center outward to the edges.

Then when I see and feel the fibers starting to begin to felt, I then start my rolling. I roll up the bubble wrap, felt, tulle which all get rolled inside of the non skid matt. And then just keep rolling and rolling up and down the stair tread. Lots of soap comes out, its a little messy, but its just water and soap.

After rolling 4-5 times, I unroll and check it. I lift up the tulle and turn the felt sideways and roll up again and start rolling more. I repeat this proces 4-5 times and keep turning the felt and making sure the shape remains square.

I also take to the sink occassional and let hot water run down the roll, and very gently squeeze out some of the soap and water. Then once again back to the rolling table for more rolling. I make sure it stays nice and hot during the rolling.

After about 1/2 hour of doing this (maybe longer, I didnt time myself) and periodically checking it to see how it is felting, before too long , I can see the felt starting the shrinkange (which is normal). Shortly after the shrinking I can tell my yarn is nicely felted. I think I am done and here is my finished piece. I will lay it flat to dry.

So there we have it. I think it was harder to blog this post than it was to make the felt. HA! Look for some upcoming babies with some nice handmade and artsy felt bundles!

Bunny Baby

Here’s my little pink Bunny Baby. She is one of my bundle babies. She will go on auction for 5 days starting this evening. These images are clickable for larger viewing.

My Altered Book Project

I have been quite busy this weekend. I am doing my usual sculpting but have been working on my first altered book whenever I get a few moments. So far I really enjoy this art form. It is a project that does take a bit of time. What I like about it is anything goes and ya can’t really screw up. I do not yet have a title for this book but the colors are purple, green and silver. The shadow box area will have a sculpture in it, perhaps a fairy or maybe a gypsy fairy. I hope to have this book finished within the next week or so.

As for my sculpting — I plan to list a new little baby on Tuesday, February 24th. She is a cutie pie! A little pink bunny baby. Check back tomorrow evening for pictures.

Silk Gauze Hand Dyed

Just posted for sale, on Etsy, a beautiful 5 pack “Spring Bouquet” of my hand dyed silk gauze. Great for fairy costumes or any other spring dolls you may have in the works!

Baby Brianna Full Sculpture Baby

Just finished a full sculpture baby. With all these bundle babies lately, I realized after working on Brianna how much I missed doing full sculpture babies and their little hineys! These images are clickable for viewing larger size.

Spring Baby Finished

Here she is, little bunny ears too! These images are clickable for larger size viewing. Digital cameras have hard time picking up lavendars and purples, they tend to look blue. Her little bow is lavendar, not blue.

Spring Easter Baby

I am finishing up a spring basket (easter baby). Will post pictures of her finished tomorrow. Little eggs will adorn her basket. I already changed the pink bow to something else. Stop back tomorrow for her completed pictures.