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Nuno Felted Scarf With Angelina Fibers

I had said Friday’s are Nuno Felting days and so far I am able to stick with this schedule. My daughter was home on spring break when I made my last scarf and she enjoyed seeing the process and how it is done. Of course, she wanted one. So here is the one I made for my daughter. Her request for colors were purples and blues.

So again first I dye my silk chiffon scarf. Purple is always a tricky color. Too much red and its pink, too much blue and its too blue. So here’s my dye mixture: Crimson, royal blue, dab of pink, dab of violet, dab of lilac. I like it!

This time I am doing a pattern of circles down the scarf. I leave the circles open with no wool in center so that the silk chiffon will come through. I think this would make a nice affect. I also took some black mohair yarn and outlined the circles to make them more prominent in the design.

I also am trying out adding some Angelina Fibers. The fibers I have are such a nice sparkly deep blue, so I think this will work nicely! Hmmmm, I like this, I think I am going to order more Angelina Fibers for Nuno Felting.

I am done with the design and I put my tulle netting over the wool.

Again, I wet it down with my hot soapy water. Agitate, agitate, and agitate to get those pretty wool fibers tangled up! So I use my hands and just keep rubbing. When it looks good (i see fibers coming through the tulle) I am ready to roll.

I roll up the whole thing with the pool noodle on the inside, put on the music, and start my rolling! I take breaks after every 100 rolls and check it. This scarf I checked about 3 times to make sure all was well.

WHen I am done rolling and I see fibers are very well felted into the silk (you can see them coming through the back of the silk scarf), it is time for the fulling! Oooo, I get so excited at this stage! So I take it to the sink and gently agitate the scarf in my hands using more hot soapy water. Use gloves so you can use water that is pretty hot and you do not burn your hands.

My really really favorite part! Fulling. I lift and drop, lift and drop — many times onto my tread surface. I take to sink to keep putting hot water on it as well – I willl do this about 3 times and then back to the tread for more dropping. SPLAT! This is so much fun — I love Friday’s!

Now I see it is getting so many nice puckerings and bubbles, I am excited about this scarf. I check those little circle designs and the silk chiffon is nicely puckering up through those holes. Wow, how cool is this!

Here is my daughters scarf. I really like the colors she chose for this scarf. I like the circle design throughout the scarf. I rinse it in vinegar and hang to dry!
When it no longer smells like a wet sheep, you can wear it! 🙂
I think she will like it!

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I am still anxious for spring to arrive! So here we have another Bunny Baby!

Woodland Baby Elf – Needle Felted Body

Nuno Felted Scarf

Friday is Nuno Felting Day. Only yesterday I got very busy and could not get to my nuno felting – I also wanted to think more about my design and what I wanted to do. So today, Saturday, ended up being Nuno Felting day instead.

I wanted to do a scarf this time. I had two silk chiffon scarf pieces and they were not that long individually. One was also slighty wider than the other. But for my first scarf I figured I would just give this a try and use these two pieces. So what I did was sew the ends of the two scarfs together to make one long scarf. I sort of liked the fact that one side would be more narrow than the other and end up maybe even more interesting this way.

First thing I did was decide on my color for the scarf. I love greens, I love the colors that can be paired up with greens and I find wearing green is a good color and goes with alot and great with jeans. So I prepared my dye bath for a green color. I love the Faery Green color I have available in my silk that I sell. So I decided to start there. So I used chartreuse, a dab of brown, a small dab of turquoise, and also some emerald green. I am very excited about my scarf when I see my green color! After my scarf is dyed I will be ready to go.

So here we go, once again, my nuno felting! I just love this stuff!

All images are clickable for larger viewing.

My chiffon scarf in the dye bath.

I lay out my scarf so it will dry on the bubble wrap and I planned my colors pulling out all my wool to see what I like. I decided on a deep teal, some greens, a pretty magenta fushchia color. I am still not sure how to do like real patterns, flowers, and thats what I had wanted, but for my first scarf I just decided to use the colors layed out in a design. I also decided to leave about 6 or so inches at each end of just plain silk and no wool. I felt it would drape nicely that way rather than the wool going all the way down to each end.

I left alot of areas where the fabric would be showing for some nice affect.

Now, I put my piece of tulle on top of the scarf and wool and wet it down. Again, I agigate the wool so the fibers start tangling. I make sure my design stays put for the most part. I keep rubbing it through the tulle with my hands. When I see the wool fibers coming through the tulle is when shorty thereafter I will roll it up and start rolling it.

This time around I decided to remove the tulle at this stage and lay down the nylon curtain before rolling it. With such thin layer of wool fibers I didn’t want to have the tulle start to stick too much during the rolling.

Now I roll up the whole thing and start my workout! Rolling and Rolling and Rolling! Put on some music and its alot of fun! My excercise for today. 🙂

If you read my other tutorials, I unroll and check every 100 rolls or so. When I see the wool fibers moving to the back of the silk scarf I can tell the fibers are adhering to the silk chiffon. I do the pinch test on the front side to make sure the fibers are also plenty tangled and then I began my fulling process. I like this part!

For fulling, I roll up the scarf gently into a ball and bring to sink and run hot water over it and agigate it some more in my hands. I also added a little bit more soap as well. I gently squeeze and agitate for maybe 5 mins. Then I gently squeeze out the water and start dropping the scarf onto my worktable from about 12″ high from the air and letting it splat down on the table. This is what makes the wool start to full and then you will start seeing amazing things happen with the silk chiffon. it starts to pucker and shrink in with the wool.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this part and seeing the transformation and wondering what I will end up with. Its like a surprise!

Here is my scarf and I just love it! I will wear it alot I am sure! I love the green silk color and I love all the puckers and scrunchie areas. This stuff literally makes me drool and all I can think about is doing more!!

Thanks for viewing and I think I will always be up to something with Nuno Felting. It has me hooked! I love color, I love fabric. I love the ability to dye my own fabric colors and make anything my little heart desires when it comes to this fiber art. And I just love the ending and seeing what turns out!

Kreativ Blogger Award

I received my first blog award passed on by Sue Barton Originals. Stop by Sue’s site and check out her Kindreds. Those cuties have had me smiling for days since I first saw them! Ok, so here are 7 things I love.

The sound of a mourning dove coo’ing. – Often confused as an owl (which I also love), the mourning dove makes the most relaxing sound to me.

Vintage and antique stores, old junk stores and flea markets.

The smell of the desert after rain.

When animals sneeze – it makes me laugh. Here’s a good baby panda sneeze.

Native American Drumming and flutes.

Thunderstorms at night with beautiful lightning across the sky.

Relaxing coffee shops and a big cup of bold coffee with caramel.