“Raven’s Dream” Spirit Doll

The Raven is considered in most Native American mythology as a trickster and a creating god.

Raven, like Mink and Coyote and other spirit beings of the Northwest mythology, was as fickle and unpredictable as nature and its seasons. Raven was a shapechanger, who could assume any form – human or animal. His trickery brought them the essentials for existence in a harsh world – game and fish and fowl, fire, clothing, shelter – and with them the rituals that would protect them from the dark spirits lurking about.

The Raven Stories are both entertaining – as Raven’s mischief often backfired, but also instructive – teaching us about the Northwest Indians’ way of life and the origin of their customs.

I did spend time outside today (89 degrees out today!) only my allergies are making me miserable. Finally a beautiful warm day and I couldn’t stay out too long without having my nose like a waterfall and my eyes terribly itchy. 😦 Once May is over I am alot better, but May is my worst month. So I came back indoors to finish my Raven Dream Spirit Doll.

4 thoughts on ““Raven’s Dream” Spirit Doll

  1. WOW Denise! She is beautiful! I have a thing for crows, too :)I am sorry you are having a bad time with allergies, but at least you got to finish her–she is amazing

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