Fabric Dyeing Day

I had 5 glorious hours of fabric dyeing today. I do small batches and lots of colors since I generally do not use but small portions for each doll.

I needed more colors and outfits for my spirit dolls. The next ones in the series are going to be very colorful. I just finished Sun Dancer Spirit Doll — check back tomorrow afternoon for her pictures. Oooooo, she’s a beauty with some nuno felting on her! At some point I am going to keep one for lil ‘ol me. I just can’t decide which one.

Hmmmmm, fabric dyeing sure is a lot of work. Sometimes I think I should just buy it already dyed, but I love the ability to make whatever color I need at the spur of the moment for any given project.

3 thoughts on “Fabric Dyeing Day

  1. hmmmm, those bowls with the dyed pieces in them would be incredibly decorative just the way they are!Denise, you inspire me – you are always so productive! Looking forward to seeing you new Sun Dancer doll!

  2. Sue that is a good idea! I am going to look for a pretty display bowl or basket. What a nice idea! I can throw in some of my felted small rocks and felted balls with it. How cute that would be!I have had to find productive things inside to do since my allergies are so bad right now. As much as I love this wearm weather, the green pollen everywhere is awful! Cold front and rain coming in soon; whew, it will be a relief for me.

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