Sun Dancer Spirit Doll

Sundance is a traditional Lakota ceremony that represents life and rebirth. It was once exclusivly Lakota, but has become a ceremony employed by many other American Indian tribes. Each tribe has it’s own variation of Sundance.

Sundance is a new years ceremony celebrated in the summer, usually on a full moon. The actual Sundance lasts 28 days, but the last four days are the ones in which the dancing and most of the ceremony take place.

My Sun Dancer Spirit Doll infuses bright colors of the sun — yellow, and wonderful blue for the sky. Her outfit is a wonderful piece of nuno felting with the textured side showing. She looks very majestic and very peaceful. I like her alot.

4 thoughts on “Sun Dancer Spirit Doll

  1. Thank you! I think all your wonderful comments on this series has really motivated me too. You really make me feel good with all these wonderful commentaries. Thank you all so much! 🙂

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