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Prickly Pear Spirit Woman & Painted Desert Spirit Woman

Couple more I finished. Prickley Pear is my favorite I think. I don’t know — I can’t decide – I love them all. I want to keep them all – I would have such a beautiful collection. LOL. Actually, I am heading over to Etsy now to start listing them. Each one will have a little information about the doll. Visit my Etsy Shop to see which doll is right for you!

ETA to get them all in my shop? Ummm, I would say about one hour – if no one bugs me, and dog leaves me alone — and my pictures are suitable enough. I do not want to have to re-take pictures — hope I have enough photos of my beauties. The pricing will be teenie weenie bit more than I thought — but their embellishments are worth it!

Prickly Pear Spirit Woman

Painted Desert Spirit Woman

More Spirit Dolls

Few more of the latest three Spirit Dolls – Tomahawk, Desert Sky and Sleeping Sun Spirit. I think I am really enjoying this — I had to start a diary/log as my creative brain is getting flooded with ideas.

Hope to have them in my Etsy Shop by Thursday or Friday. If you are on my mailing list you will be notifed when they are listed! They will range $35-$40 each.

Sleeping Sun Spirit Woman.

Tomahawk Spirit Woman

Desert Sky Spirit Woman

Spirit Dolls By DLynne Art Dolls

Spirit dolls have been made been made through the ages by different cultures around the world and are thought to bring love, joy, good health and prosperity to their owners. They have been made to celebrate occasions and for rituals; to give to friends and family and other loved ones as gifts or to hang in your home or car or to just hold for meditative, healing or comfort purposes.

Sometimes spirit dolls do not have faces, but I like faces on my spirit dolls. So here are few of my newest ‘art doll’ creations. I am in the mood for some spiritual art work and I am also giving my new sewing machine some action.

They are cloth dolls with clay sculpted faces. They are about 6″ tall. They are adorned with hand dyed cotton scrim, feathers, beads and a small tiny clay spirit doll face charm. I am glad I bought a “stuffing fork”. Life is good when you have a stuffing fork to stuff cloth dolls! Never thought it would help that much, but wow – these are fun! the small things that make me happy eh? 🙂

Look for these in my Etsy Shop this week and maybe a few more new ones by the end of the week. See More of my spirit dolls

Wise Woman Spirit Dolls

Sunshine Spirit Woman and Gentle Leaf Spirit Woman

Gypsy Spirit Woman

Creepy Blog Give Away Announced!

I had 46 wonderful entries!! Thank you all for participating. I will have to do this more – perhaps a monthly give away! I loved all the wonderful comments in my blog give away post and everyone made my wonderful creepy skeleton feel loved and wanted. He hasn’t stopped grinning since and he hardly slept last night thinking about his journey to his new home.

So here we go…..I input all the names into the random list generator and clicked randomize! The winner is ….

Congrats Mealy Monster Land
Please contact me if you are still interested in owning him and please provide your mailing address so I can ship the little grinny fella to ya! I will wait 3 days to hear back from you and then I will select another winner. So hopefully you will claim your prize and come get him!

Renee Award

Thank you Sue for thinking me with the Renee award. I must have ants in my pants or spring fever, but I will be darned if I can sit down, focus, and finish up one single project this past week. My creativity is scattered and I need to reel it back in. I think this award will have me back on my way in no time. I do think I have spring fever because I keep looking out the window while I work and must step outside many times to feel the sun on my face. Ahhh, birds, lawn mowers, flowers, it feels so good. I best get to making something creative with my clay — before you know it, summer arrives and it’s hot and humid and my clay will be like marshmellow in my hands.

About the award

The Renee award was created by Bella and
Ces in honor of their friend

Bella wrote:

“This is a brand new award and I have the pleasure and honor of spreading the seed, watching it grow. I hope it finds it’s way to those who are like Renee: the acorn, a small package becoming a tall and sturdy oak, giving more acorns, becoming tall and sturdy oaks. giving acorns.

Here’s a little bit about Renee from her profile on her blog so you understand the whole of the award. “My name is Renee and I am 53 years old. I am married to someone I love and have three children and one granddaughter. I am a happy person. I have Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC), and I am not happy about that. I am Stage 4 and I am in the process of learning to live with the birds circling my head…..”

I hereby pass along this award to the following bloggers – I thoroughly enjoy reading their blogs and feel they deserve to host this wonderful award. I read all their wonderful ‘artistry acorns’ I am telling you, their information will help me become an ‘oak tree one day’! Good stuff at these blogs and great artists.


Lisa Gatz

Mealy Monster Land

Deanna at Blue Heron Dolls

Rosie Pink

Posh Emporer

I had a custom order for a woman in Australia to do a 1:12 scale dollhouse baby. I have done them before when I did my first dollhouse family and the little baby girl was actually 1:12 scale AND poseable in this set.

It was quite awhile since I worked this small, however I knew I could get the detail if I just focused. The customer wanted a baby boy with his male parts detailed enough so he is noticeably ‘a boy’. He was to have grey/blue eyes, and light brown hair. The little male parts I knew would be the hardest part of the sculpture to get that type of detail on such a small piece. After 3 tries (see Little Mr. Big at the end of this post — he didn’t quite make the 1:12 cut in size) – I created a wee little one that the customer loved and is delighted to have him. Upon seeing him she had named him their little “Emporer” as he is just so posh — as she phrased it. 🙂 So he will make his journey to Australia in a few days. A long way to go for a little tiny fella. He will be fine with his new family!

Working this small I find I forget to ‘breathe’ while im sculting. Truly! LOL. I also create the piece one in complete sculpt and one bake. No series baking. Which makes it incredibly challenging to get limbs on a body and a head without smashing anything on a piece this small. However that is how I sculpt my larger sculpts. I am just not a fan of adding fresh clay to baked clay and I just love the seamless complete look of one entire sculpted piece and one bake.

I am quite proud of this little guy and I have plans to do more. Trust me when I say — seriously — this took longer to do than a 6″ fairy! I realize I really enjoy the challenge of small scale.

This is “Little Mr. Big”. My first attempt before The Emporer was born. unfortunately he’s a tad too big at 2″ and too wide but he sure is cute with a nice little package.