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Vampire Spirit Doll

The vampire is commonly considered to be one who exists in the state of “living death,” literally a re-animated corpse. Some traditions have it that a vampire is a corpse in the possession of a sorcerer — within the realms of black magic. Depending on legend and what you have read, Vampires can be good or evil. My Lady Vampire is a good Vampire Spirit.

A vampire is one who once lived, died a corporeal death, and then rose from the grave to walk the earth and haunt the living. The purpose of the wanderings is the attainment of that which will maintain a “living-death” state.

My Lady Vampire sustains her life force from sucking the bad negative energies out of the air and her surroundings. Keep her close to you in times of need where she will launch her forces upon those negative energies or people who seem to suck the life forces out of you, her guardian.

She will take in this negativity energy force in order to keep your energy and forces positive, healthy, and in state of well being. She is a good vampire and a slayer of all negative evil forces.

She wears a feather on her waist, a spirit face, and a little creepy man spirit that is seated on a gemstone. She has long black hand-combed shiny mohair locks. Her outfit is beautiful netted black fabric with fiber embellishments and other hand dyed fabrics.

Crypt Keeper Spirit Doll

Crypt Keeper … she is … the Keeper of Souls. Visit her Etsy Listing

I saw my Crypt Keeper Spirit Doll very clearly in my vision after creating Deadly Silk. I must say I am in love with her creepy beauty and her colors amaze me. There was no pause or hesitation on each step of the way with her, she spoke to me very loudly on what she wanted to look like.

Deep within the shadows lurks the Crypt Keeper – “Keeper of Souls”. She protects the souls as they lay beneath.

She separates the good from the evil and keeps them from wandering after burial. She is a protector spirit.

Her colors are gray with white. She wears a white veil. On her neck is “the key”. She also wears a creepy spirit man on her waist. He is her crypt helper and ensures the key is never captured by evil spirits. Her hair is a beautiful silver gray mohair – so soft and silky and it is hand combed by me.

Her spirit bag is complete and she is ready for her new guardian.

Deadly Silk Spirit Doll

So….. my creepy art doll friends and other friends of mine that like creepy stuff have been suggesting I do a creepy spirit doll.

Ideally I would like to keep my spirit doll series with energies of calm, peace, beauty and serenity — which is what I prefer to make — however I will try something different and offer something for those that just love creepy dolls. My Spirit doll ‘dark spirits’ are strong and will keep their guardians safe.

I call this one Deadly Silk. She is a female spider notorious for stabbing her prey with her sharp, venom-filled fangs. Then she will spin a thick silk web around her prey in order to suffocate her prey while she feeds off the blood of her victim. Her strikes are always deadly and her prey never escapes.

As for her spirit energy — she will be assigned to you …her guardian. She is your protector from harm and your warrior to keep you safe. She will shield you from unwanted evil and dark predators – no one gets past her and they will regret even trying.

She has spiders painted on her face. Her outfit is hand dyed black (finally got a good dye lot of deep black).

She has a feather and a spirit face on her waist. Her hair is Tibetan Lambswool in Burgundy with white tips

Check out her creepy spirit guy that is also attached to her waist. His eyes move! This little guy cost $4 and I found them at a street fair. I bought 9 of them! So they will undoubtedly end up on some of my spirit dolls and maybe a neat pair of earrings too!

Desert Bloom OOAK Spirit Doll

Deserts covered in beautiful flowers — they are amazing with so much color and beauty. There are some deserts that bloom all year long, however, typically, there are 3 blooming seasons in a desert such as the Sonoran desert. I love flowers and seeing flowers in the desert particular excite me — perhaps because they are sometimes across such a wide open and visible landscape allowing you to take in so much color and beauty at once.

This spirit doll is called “Desert Bloom” and her energy is to capture the beauty of the desert in bloom.

She is gentle and caring. She stands in all her glory to shower the desert with her color and beauty. Delicate and sweet, she will bring compassion and beauty to all that embrace her delicate blooms.

She has already been gifted with her handmade spirit bag — she is waiting for her ceremony and her new guardian to enter her life.

I think she is another one of my favorites — I am really drawn to her delicate energy and beautiful colors. Her hair is a beautiful Tibetan Lambswool in sunny yellow.

Winter Solstice Spirit

Solstice means…standing-still-sun. Winter solstice is when, because of the earth’s tilt, the hemisphere is leaning farthest away from the sun, and therefore the daylight is the shortest. The sun has its lowest arc in the sky.

At winter solstice, the sun will momentarily hang at the southernmost point of its annual voyage and then turn again northward. From the dawn of mankind’s observance of the heavens this event has sparked the rebirth of gods and the return of symbols that inhabit both our conscious and unconscious lives.

The winter solstice offers us a moment of spiritual confluence. As the solstice occurs the worlds of eternity and humanity align, providing a conduit for the altogether different light that both flows from and pierces to our center. Darkness, pain and outdated ways of thinking are released and light infuses the psyche with the illumination of a new way.

Winter solstice is a time we call in the light, where we call in the light of peace and compassion, the longest night and also the Return of the Light.

She speaks no louder than a faint whisper. Winter Solstice Spirit will bring energy of great joy, rebirth, new light, peace and compassion to you. She is a celebration of the sun as an eternal spirit and the bringing of light. She will reawaken your goals that may have been dampened by the long nights.

Around her waist she wears a genuine Quartz Crystal wrapped in sterling silver wire.

Quartz is a power stone — it enhances energy by absorbing, storing, amplifying, balancing, focusing and transmitting. Quartz is a stone of clarity which dispels negativity and clears away negative energy. It can be used to purify and clarify on the spiritual, mental, and physical planes. It is also powerfully protective. Quartz enhances spiritual growth, spirituality and wisdom.

Rainbow Spirit

Rainbow Connection – Carpenters

I do not think I could get through a series of spirit dolls without introducing a Rainbow Spirit. I love playing with colors and I knew she would be a lot of fun to create.

I remember seeing the most fabulous rainbow ever right down the street from my house. It had all the colors that I love and it was right there in front of me. So Close.

Thinking back I believe I tried to go after the rainbow on my bike. I wasn’t sure at the time if the rainbow really wanted me to find the pot of gold. I think I should have kept pedaling, unfortunately at such young age, you are easily distracted, and I did not keep pedaling. Maybe the rainbow was not speaking loud enough for me to hear the energy calling me. *SIGH*.

Her spirit is full of hopes and dreams. Whenever I see rainbows I want to chase them to find that pot of gold at the end. What is the pot of gold? Perhaps it is one of your most greatest dreams or desires in life. To this day, when I see rainbows, I run out of my house and just look. I just find them so very beautiful and they truly make me stop and look — reflect and wonder. They don’t seem to stay too long in the sky — so don’t miss that chance. I find I just watch till they fade with the shift of the sun. Which doesn’t take too long.

When you see a rainbow what do you think? Do you stop, look, and have thoughts, dreams, desires? Do you think about what your pot of gold may be? Do you take the rainbow’s beauty and energy inside you? Try it! It’s wonderful!

When you see a rainbow, be very present in that moment, and stop all thoughts in your mind except of what you see in front of you.

Medicine Spirit Woman

Her eyes are both mysterious and mystifying. Her energy is powerful. She can see what you cannot. She knows her energy and how to use her powers. She is a traveler that stops in many places bringing offerings and good fortune to those in need.

If you allow her, she can heal the heart, the soul, the mind and the body. She will never reveal her secret powers or mystical ways.

Her powers are kept in her medicine bag that she wears around her neck. It is not wise to look into the bag without first asking Medicine Spirit to do so. You must wait to be invited in order to see what she is willing to share.

Her colors are brown and light moss green. Her medicine bag is leather. Her hair is tibetan lambswool in blonde with white tips.