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Cinderella and Her Pumpkin

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It is surprising it took me this long to finally sculpt a Cinderella piece. A fairy tale that is always a favorite. When I set out to create her I knew I wanted a poseable doll. Her legs and arms poseable (her head is not) .

She is approximately 5″. Her costume is done completely by hand and includes my hand dyed silk gauze with other fabulous miniature trims to complete that Cinderella look!

Her tiara was the final touches on this sweet little sculpture. It is contained of crystals and glass beads over silver wire.

Once she was finished, I felt she needed, of course … a pumpkin! I decided to sculpt the pumpkin in paper air dry clay. This took quite some time due to the many stages of sculpting and drying, sanding, and finally painting. The pumpkin is designed so that Cinderella can be seated on the pumpkin. The stem is the back rest for her.

BLOG GIVE AWAY – A Spirit Doll

This blog give away will run from July 23rd through August 16th

It is time for another scrumptious Blog Give Away!! Oh Yeah!

One of my spirit dolls would like the opportunity to have a new guardian. Sunshine Spirit has offered herself up for a new adventure to travel to a lucky winner.

Would you like Sushine Spirit!!! Here we go and here are the rules! What do you want to do?

I want to enter once chance to win Sunshine Spirit, therefore, I will do these TWO things.

1) I will become a follower of this blog or become a mailing list subscriber (all current followers and mailing list subscribers will automatically be entered).

2) AND I will also comment on THIS Blog Give Away post and say something sweet about sunshine spirit because I really really want her!

I want two yummy chances to win Sunshine Spirit! Oh yeah! To enter twice, do any additional item listed below (only one of the items below is required for your second chance entry).

1) Become a follower on Twitter of DLYNNEARTDOLLS and tweet my Blog Give away – provide the link to my blog give away in your tweet.

OR …

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3) Add my Etsy Shop as a favorite shop.

You must comment in THIS blog post that you have also performed one of these additional tasks to qualify for the 2nd entry!! For example, post a comment that says “I tweeted”, or “I hosted give away at my bog”, or “Etsy Favorite”

All names will be entered into the Random List Generator to determine the winner.

Simple eh? Good Luck. Sunshine Spirit is so excited!! Who will the lucky winner be?

Bat Fairy with Beautiful Bat Wings

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This is my latest dark sculpture, a “Bat Fairy”. The wings took me quite some time to make! They are wire based, then covered with silk chiffon, then the fabric is gently stitched to the wire. Finally, they were embellished with silver/black fibers. They took me about 3 hours to complete and they are posable. Her wing span is approximately 12″ (6″ each wing). She can fly beautifully!

She is crouched low to the ground as she has just landed and is waiting to seize her prey— it’s dinner time. Vampire bats locate a host, land and then approach by foot.

Her hair is Tibetan lambswool in black. Her ‘bat skirt’ is black silk chiffon decorated with beautiful black sparkly fibers.

Her base is wooden, then painted black. I have applied a special marbelized finish on the top in black, purple and blue. The side is trimmed in beautiful edging. The underneath of the base is finished with a nice black felt.

Look for her in my Etsy Shop July 21st at approximately 4pm EST.

Venom Vampire Signature Series III

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Some may recall my invasion of slithery snakes at my house back in June. It was then that I had the vision for my next Signature Series Spirit Doll in the Vampire theme. A “Venom Vampire”.

“The snake totem is here to teach rebirth into new powers of creativity and wisdom. They are symbols of change and healing. With this totem you can expect transition and rebirth to occur in some area of your life”.

She is dressed all greens and black. Her outfit is hand-dyed silk gauze in black/green overlaying an emerald green. She also has a beautiful black drape edged in velvet. Beautiful fibers in black and greens accent her dress.

She has a snake on her waist that is coiled around the sculpted spirit face. Her stand/base also has a sculpted snake.

She comes with 2 custom tags. One reads Venom Vampire and the other one is my artist name D.Lynne.

Her spirit bag is a beautiful emerald green velvet with a satin ribbon and beads.

Look for her in my Etsy Shop Sunday, July 18th at approximately 4pm.

4 Elements ADO Challenge – BLOG EVENT

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed the 4 Elements Challenge. I saw such beautiful work by our ADO members that was inspired by this 4 Element Challenge.

Today, July 17th, is the Blog Event for this Challenge. I can’t wait to make my rounds to all the blogs to see everyone’s creations. The challenge was open to anyone who would like to make an art doll, ADO member or not, and whether you’ve made a doll before or not.

Here are my 4 Elements Dolls. Air, Earth, Fire, Water. The 4 lovely ladies were created as part of this challenge and within my Spirit Doll series.

I have always felt connected to the 4 elements. I am a combination of Water and Air. Which element do you think you are?

Earth Spirit – “Stability”

Earth is green, it colors the plants that spring to life from the foundations of stability. It is understanding of life. It is the solidness of the future, built on the foundations of the past. Of all the elements it is the most dependable. Many people feel the earth beneath our feet is the most solid and reliable thing there is. We call her Mother Earth, the nourishment of our lives. And just like a mother, we often take her for granted. Earth is about understanding, and above all understanding and acceptance of self.

Air Spirit – “Thought”

Air is beholden to none of the other elements, for it is master of its’ own destiny, yet when held for a while in pockets of water or earth, it can grow heavy and oppressive through lack of movement. Air was born to be free, just as our minds should be kept clear and agile, not clouded by emotion, or prejudice. Air is about freedom and true peace of mind. It is about faith in yourself and belief in this great universe that has given you life. It is about truth – and above all, the truth that is you.

Fire -“Desire”

It is enthusiastic, warming, and the spark of life. It is passionate, emotional, untamed; the most powerful of energy forces, for it represents the force of the Spirit. Fire is our hope, our goal, our desire, our energy and urgency for the future. Fire cannot build, yet it is the essence of โ€œbeingโ€. It cannot absorb, yet by itself, draws others to itsโ€™ warmth. It gives life, but can destroy the life it gives. It is fiercely protective, yet needs protection from itself. Fire is about energy and enthusiasm, the vitality of life.

Water – “Emotions”

It feels, it dreams, it nurtures the heart. Water is the food of life, and essential for life, for all things arose from the sea. Water is serenity. It is blue, clear and passive, yet seeps through the cracks of our defenses. It flows with our mood, and cannot be held, for it slips through the hands. Only water can bring the sanctity of true love, the balance of harmony. Emotions are strange and unaccountable just like water. They “rise up” within us, often unbidden, take no account of reason or thought and, without control, can lead us into trauma and confusion. Water is about tranquility, gentleness and compassion, the blossoming of an open heart. It is about love, and above all the love of giving for its’ own sake, and without conditions.

Visit the ADO website to see all the other artists’ 4 Elements Dolls. On the left hand side are the artists names that link to the blogs where you can view the dolls… so head on over and check them out!

Twinkle Twinkle Star Light Fairy

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star …. let me tell you my wish.

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I have not made in a fae in quite some time. This little one is glamored up with lovely colors and sparkly glitter. As I was taking her pictures I thought to myself, “wow, when I was a little girl how I would have loved to have had her in my room on a beautiful display shelf”. All little girls just love sparkles — hmmm, even big girls like me! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love glitter.

If she were standing she would measure about 4″. She has her eyes closed and she is wishing up on a star. Her outfit is beautiful hand dyed silk gauze. Her wings are made using my own technique.

She is mounted on a heart shaped bottle with a cork on the top. I crackled finished the glass bottle and then decorated it with beautiful fibers and sparkly Angelina Fibers. There are glittered 3 stars on movable wires which are attached to the bottle/cork — this allows you to adjust the position of the stars if you desire. She is removable from the bottle.

Underneath her and her bottle is a wooden star painted and decorated to match.

Look for her in my Etsy Shop soon!

“Sumiko” Vampire Mom with Vampire Baby

I had the urge for another dark genre sculpture. I have taken a liking to Vampires and really wanted to do a Vampire Mom with a little Vampire baby.

It was upon me for a good challenge so I chose an 8″ tall standing sculpture. She took about a week to finish to completion.

Sumiko’s Etsy Listing

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This is “Sumiko”. She is a full sculpture except for her thighs. They are padded and wrapped in fabric as a soft sculpted area. This is to allow for some nice movement during her pose on her base. Her arms hold a tiny sculpted little baby boy vampire complete with his little fangs and wee little bat wings. He is removable from her hands.

Her hair is hand combed mohair locks in shiny black. Adorned over her hair is a silk gauze veil. Her necklace is red glass beads with a center swarovski bicone crystal.

Her base is painted wood and then added decorative trims. Sumiko is removable from her base. Her left leg has a sculpted inside brass rod for support and for her attachment to the base.

I really love her and all her creepy beauty. Her looks are a blend of beautiful innocence yet dark and creepy – a wonderful blend for a Vampire Mom. ๐Ÿ™‚

She will be available for purchase soon; either on Ebay or my Etsy shop. I have not yet decided where she will be offered — however, I should know by Sunday. Until then I get to look at her a whole lot before I part with her. ๐Ÿ™‚