Spirit Doll Give Away Winner Announcement!

It is after midnight here on east coast and it is officially August 16th. The day of the drawing for my spirit doll give away, little miss Sunshine. For those that stay up late and burn the midnight oil (like I do; LOL) you will now realize the winner. Otherwise, the morning awaits the news!

There were so many wonderful entries in this blog give away and I thank everyone for participating and wanting to give Sunshine Spirit a home. Your beautiful comments were appreciated and gave me lots of big warm smiles and hugs in my heart!

It will be coming upon fall and winter time soon enough where there are lots of gray days ahead. I know the lucky winner will be glad to have her and that Sunshine Spirit is going to maintain that light of sunshine for her new owner during the long cold winter months ahead.

I had 72 entries for the drawing and the lucky winner is . . . . drum roll please

THE BARONESS!!!!! Congratulations!

Baroness has 3 days to claim Sunshine Spirit by emailing me with her mailing address. Sunshine Spirit will be delivered first class mail!

She is so excited to begin her travel to her new guardian. She will receive her sage ceremony, placed into her spirit bag and off she will go. Quite a far distance as I believe the Baroness is across the country!

Thank you all for your entries! Stay tuned for more blog give aways that are sure to come soon — this is always so much fun!

5 thoughts on “Spirit Doll Give Away Winner Announcement!

  1. OMG..I can't believe it…I'm so happy I am shaking..Oh Thank You Thank You Thank You.. She will have a loving home and I will treasure her always…Will email you in a minute…Denise you just don't know how much this means to me…Now I am crying like a fool….

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