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Scribbler Award

What a nice surprise to boost my spirits today. Sue of Barton Originals has honored me by presenting me with this award. Please check out Sue’s blog as she always has such wonderful uplifting posts and I am always so impressed with her posts as they always include such wonderful photos. A feast for the eyes!

The condition of accepting this award is to pass it on to five other bloggers that I feel also are great scribblers.

My Five Are:

Marie Patterson of My Little World

Ambitions Design

Art Dolls By Kim


Carolines Crafts

OOAK Babies Lexi & Heather

It has been a little while since I have created any OOAK babies and every time I do I get so happy and they make me smile.

This one is baby Lexi and you may view her Etsy Listing here.

This one is Baby Heather and you may view her Etsy Listing Here.

Both are approximately 3 1/2″ size babies, fully stretched they may measure 4″.

Wrapped in their cozy little buntings they are just so sweet. Both come with little hats.

Look for these in my Etsy Shop tomorrow at approximately 4pm EST.

Little Morticia

Etsy Listing

You may view her FLICKR Slideshow here for more pictures.

Ghost Bride has a friend. When I finished Little Morticia, I placed her on the display table next to Ghost Bride and they immediately starting chatting! They became best friends! How cute. They are side by side where they will stay until they acquire new owner(s).

Little Morticia is approximately 6″ tall and she is a full sculpture. I was striving for a more whimsical piece with her. I think I captured that as she makes me laugh and say cutesy words and stuff. LOL.

She is another Halloween holiday piece, however, I think she can be very much treasured all year round. I love looking at her.

It is really interesting when working on a whimsical piece and the faces. When they are unpainted it is sometimes difficult to tell how they will look painted. Since I am trying my skill set on some more whimsical looking dolls, I am finding it a challenge to know when the face is ‘just right’ in that unpainted stage. They look really funny and sometimes alien-like. I like making big foreheads, big eyes, and even a large egg shaped head as I think that also lends to the whole whimsical aspects.

She will be listed in my Etsy shop September 24 at approximately 4pm EST.

Ghost Bride

Etsy Listing

My little Ghost Bride is finally finished. What a treasure she is and I really enjoyed her path to creation. She spoke volumes to me from the start and the end result is she is so cute. She is sort of sad looking but at the same time saying “hey, I am a beautiful bride even with my creepy blackened eyes”. She makes me smile and chuckle when I walk past her while she sits so pretty on my display table.

She is a full sculpture doll and her dress is sculptured clay and then fabrics added over the painted clay.

Her hair is silver mohair and she wears a beautiful white veil.

I love the theme of creepy with innocence, hence, she is carrying pink roses on her creepy wedding day. 🙂

She will be listed in my Etsy shop on September 22nd at approximately 4:00pm.

Mixed Media Painting Hippy Girl Love Theme

This is my second mixed media painting of a Petite Doll and she is a cute little Hippy Girl. I admit I have always had a little ‘hippy’ in me and I just love this theme. When I chose this theme I knew it bring about out some great feelings inside me. I just love her and she makes me smile. My intention and thoughts during her creation were whole hearted easy and fun love!

She is sealed and finished with a coating of beeswax. There are areas where there is no beeswax so that lots of beautiful texture can be seen and felt. The bottom of her pants have beautiful little flowers and her hair is adorned with lots of textures and color.

Next up is a Marie Antoinette Mixed Media Painting, however, that is after I complete a few more creepy Halloween doll sculptures.

Halloween Witch “Skull Sweeper”

Skull Sweeper Witch is for sale in my Etsy Shop

Boy I just love this time of year. I can’t stop thinking about all the spooky things like, vampires, bats, ghosts, and my favorite … witches. I stopped in two Halloween stores today and loved all the great spooky stuff and I always laugh when I look at the display area with all the crooked teeth. Lots of fun!

After finishing my witch head on the bottle I realized I really wanted to sculpt a complete Witch doll. I decided a soft sculpture witch so that she has some posability with her limbs … and for flying on her broom 😉

ohhhh my how she is cleaning up her little witchy mess of skulls that lay beneath her.

She has on a beautiful pair of sculpted black witch boots with purple metallic buckles! They are fabulous shoes for a witch!

She was built using a 6″ high armature meaning the doll itself is approximately 6″, however, with her hat and base, she stands approximately 7 1/2-8″ tall.

I just love Halloween!! I laughed when I was working on her, because every time I looked at her my nose would crinkle up and my brow would furrow – I found I was subconsciously mimicking her facial expression during her creation. LOL

Petite Doll Mixed Media Painting

I am so proud to present my first mixed media painting. I recently joined the Suzi Blu Les Petite Academy and learned a beautiful mixed media style that I just love. Suzi is a great instructor and I really enjoyed her class. The world needs more Suzi’s as her method and style are just so happy and cheerful and she is filled with such love and joy as a person and with her artwork. I am proud to be a part of her classes and meeting so many wonderful artists.

This was the most amazing class to take and I really enjoyed the journey into the mixed media art form. A long time ago I was more of a painter and this class allowed me to revisit that art form.

My Butterfly Petite Doll is available for purchase in my Etsy Shop.

I have added a new section in my Etsy Shop for mixed media paintings as I plan to do many more of these!