OOAK Newborn Baby “Charlotte”

Here is a real sweetie that I labored over for quite awhile. I would like my focus to be the babies for a little while longer. I want to refine and really key in on that newborn baby look. My goal is to get as realistic as I can with them. Which means working very small detail — which is sometimes very challenging. I use my 3.75+ CVS glasses for this work. LOL

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Charlotte weighs in at barely .5oz. She has a white silk bundle wrap tied off with lavender ribbon. Her hair is black Tibetan hair and I left her with a large forehead/hairline to exaggerate that newborn look.

Look for her soon in my Etsy Shop or Ebay. I have not yet decided where I will list her but I will update this post when she becomes available in either venue.

Right behind Charlotte is another cutie newborn. So be sure to check back soon!

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