OOAK Baby “Hope” & My Sculpting Seminar!

This nor’easter is still lingering in NJ. I am hoping it does not delay my flight tomorrow. If all goes well I will be departing into the air at 11:55am.

I am heading to a sunny and warm climate for a sculpting class with a great artist, Patricia Rose. I am very excited about this trip and can’t wait to meet the other 12 artists also attending. It is a two day seminar on sculpting faces; child, teen, and adult. Here is the hotel I am staying at. It is right on the Tampa Bay! I can’t complain!

I just finished another little baby, Hope, and decided she will be traveling with me to the seminar.

Update 10/20/09 – Baby Hope found a new mommy while on her trip to Florida!

Laptop, camera, sculpting tools and some clay are all packed and ready to go! What a great weekend this is gonna be! I return on Monday and will be sure to post all the pictures of our weekend!

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