Return from my Sculpting Class

I got back home late afternoon Monday this week. Florida was cold! A cold front came through while I was there so unfortunately the only balmy warm weather was the first day I arrived and that was gone by Saturday morning. I was mostly indoors so I suppose it didn’t matter.

This class was great! I thoroughly enjoyed it and had so much fun with the other artists that attended. Lots of laughs and it was truly a great experience to be among other artists. The knowledge we learned from Patricia Rose was awesome. She is an amazing artist and it was an honor to learn from her.

This class was on sculpting faces. Baby, Child and Adult face. I usually work smaller so the size heads we started with were probably 3x the size I normally work on. Which was another great learning experience for me. Normally I am lost in all that clay, however, surprisingly I did okay and felt comfortable; perhaps larger size dolls will be in my future.

None of these faces were worked to a completed finishing stage because I will not be sculpting bodies nor making them into dolls. These heads will be used as reference for what I learned. There have been baked and will remain body-less. 🙂 So what you see below does not have any fine tuning or smoothing that would be done if they were to be an actual doll.

The first face I did was the adult woman. I attempted to sculpt her to the likeness of Angelina Jolie. I am pleased with her outcome and just love the lips! Does she look like like Angelina? Just a little?? This is her before I opened up and sculpted her eyes.

She (Angelina) is in this picture on the left after I opened her eyes. The face on the right is the baby. Which is where I am most comfortable. This was also interesting to work on due to the size. Her head is almost the size of some of my small scale full sculpture babies.

Lastly the child/teen face which was the third creation I did in the class. Toddlers are always fun and I enjoyed working on this one. I love her nose and that is another area I needed to refine my skills. So was pleased with her results. I left her eyes closed in order to retain a closed eye face for reference.

So there they are and these 3 heads are all body-less and sitting on my sculpting table staring up at me so that I can refer to them when needed. 🙂

I can’t wait to take another workshop and hopefully one will be in my future. I feel that I learned many things and hope I will become a better sculptor with more realism in my sculptures.

I was excited to also see some of Patricia’s work up close. I took a few photos of these lovely dolls! I was in awe of them and to see them up close was so amazing.

3 thoughts on “Return from my Sculpting Class

  1. Denise, yes I definitely see a resemblance to Ms. Jolie! I started off sculpting about 4x larger than I do now and still do the odd larger piece. Smaller pieces actually take more time for me….but, they are so much easier to ship.Your three heads are wonderful!

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