My Spooky Tree & A New Baby

Baby Marie’s Etsy Listing Here

Happy Halloween To All! What a ghoulish week it was for me. I did not get enough time at my art table and was busy with other things inside and out of the house. But over all it was a good week with a few Halloween festivities I got to share with friends.

I love this time of year and tomorrow I plan to make some homemade pumpkin carrot soup with fresh sage, shallots, and ginger. I also fry up strips of pumpkin to sprinkle over the soup and that is sooo yummy!

On a tip from my friend Marie on a great sale, I bought a Halloween spooky tree at 50% off. It was a $100 tree that I picked up for $50. What a great find. I plan to start collecting some great spooky ornaments and of course make some of my own. By next year I should have a nice spooky tree!

Here’s my tree! Bare with no ornaments but still a spooky tree none the less! It come apart in 3 section for easy storage too.

Now for little baby Marie (it was a “Marie” day I guess, LOL). A dab of sparkle in her blue eyes and dark brown hair she measures about 3″. She will be listed in my Etsy Shop tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “My Spooky Tree & A New Baby

  1. Love your tree and when did you say you were serving soup??? LoL~I love your new little doll, baby Marie…. She's so sweet like all your others~Happy Halloween~Pattee

  2. A day named for ME!!!! lol!!! That soup looks really yummmeeee! I need to have your recipe.That bare tree will be full in no time as you'll be looking for Halloween all year long! It is a great tree all on it's own…..glad you were able to snag one.The baby Marie is a cute one and I know she'll be adopted into a good home soon.Have a great Halloween!

  3. That soup looks so yummy! Would be perfect on a cool rather dull day like today! LOVE the tree! Please remember to post pics next year when you have all your ornies on it.Baby Marie is adorable (as are all your wee ones)

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