Thanksgiving and a bit about Friends

The Pilgrims recognized that everything we have is a gift from God – even our sorrows. Their Thanksgiving tradition was established to honor God and thank Him for His blessings and His grace. God bless you, God bless America, and Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving this year is sounding off thoughts in my head more about the latter part of the word Thanksgiving. GIVING. Of course thanking means your on the receiving of someones giving. But how often are you on the giving side vs. the thanking side?

This is not my writing but I do feel it defines a true friend very well.

Everyone wants a true friend, and many of us believe that we have a friend who can be called a true friend. What kind of relations do friends share? When can we call a friend a true friend, and when can our friends take us as their true friend. After a romantic relationship, friendships are the most important relationships we can have.

Though all of us have family and distant family, most of us rely on friends for advice, comfort and inspiration. How do we define a relation that can be called as one of true friendship?

The very first sign of a very good friend, not necessarily a true friend is that we are not worried about courtesies. You will call your friend at any hour and talk without any thought of time in your mind. Similarly, whenever you need support, you will call a very good friend and ask him/her to help you out. They expect the same from you. Another important trait of such relations is that we are not much worried about exposing ourselves. We speak about everything in our mind without worrying about what our friends will think. We are sure that they will take our talk in the spirit it was made. We are unguarded and open with friends in our talk.

A true friend is a little more than a very good friend.

A true friend will support you even if it hurts his/her own interest.

A true friend will understand your motives and needs and will be with you without any analysis or criticism.

A true friend will come forward to help without any request and be with us in need without showing it or expecting anything in return.

With a true friend, you can be sure that you will get help to the extent possible by him/her. Nothing will remain unturned. A mother is a true friend of her children. If we share such relations with an adult we can say that we are true friends.

A true friend makes no excuses of having work or appointments or anything but will be with you whenever you need him/her. In your hour of desperation, a true friend will support you even if the whole world opposes you.

A true friend is not an opportunist.

A true friend means to have someone who is like mother, as I said earlier. Instead of having hundreds of good friends, if you have a true friend, treat yourself lucky.

If you can also become a true friend of someone, you will be blessed, because it is much easier for all of us to expect but very difficult to give. Be a true friend yourself first.


This last paragraph is so important and probably what hits me the most as far as having a true friend.

“because it is much easier for all of us to expect but very difficult to give. “

How wonderful life would be if everyone, mankind, and all those around us were to love one another like a mother loves her child .. to give more than to expect. What a big family we would be, how many wonderful friends we would have?

I am thankful for my home, shelter, food on my table. I am still without a job in this economy, however I hope and pray this will change soon. When I think about what ails the world, what comes to mind on thanksgiving is how I wish there wast just more giving.

On this thanksgiving, my wish for all of mankind, all our friends, neighbors, and loved ones is to just think about doing more giving.

Thanksgiving. To be thankful, but to realize there is so much more giving that needs to be done in this world for peace, happiness, and love.

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