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My Phila. Miniature Show Goodies

Just got back from the miniature show. Ohhh how i love this show! So many things in the miniature world.

Since I don’t have a dollhouse hobby, I visit the show for all the luscious miniature trims, ribbons, laces and great fabrics. I spent 3 hours there and it surely does take that long to look through all the wonderful items. It is always so hard to choose. I seem to always come home with a lot of pinks, purples, blues, greens.

I see so many fairies and art dolls soon to be adorned with such pretty trims! I can’t wait to get started. Ohhhh …. they are all so beautiful I want to wear them on myself. HA! If only one day I can come back to earth as a fairy! 🙂

Lots of fabrics and some metallics. Really lightweight and drapey stuff!

Trims and ribbons and laces.

More fabrics that shimmer and are sheer. What lucky fairies they will be to wear these fabrics.

Philadelphia Miniature Show

A quick post before I go to sleep.

Tomorrow is the Philadelphia Miniature show. I have attended this show for 2 years now and this will be my third year. This show has the world’s finest Miniature Artisans!

The first year I attended this show I was in awe. It took me about 2 hours to see everything. Just about everything in the ‘real big world’ seemed to be available in the miniature world. It is truly amazing and I am easily overwhelmed by it all.

The first year I don’t think I made any purchases — can’t quite recall, however, if I did, they were small purchases. I am excited to go this year because I have a better idea of what I am looking for and need for my art dolls.

I hope to come home with lots of goodies. This show is really amazing if you like the miniature world. And wow, do you need some deep pockets for this show!! Mine are not deep enough but I will still manage ok. 🙂

Off to bed now….. tomorrow is a fun day ……. woooot woooot!

From Junk To Funk!

I am finally finding some time to blog about an artist I met at one of our local fairs here a few weeks ago.

Her name is Beth and her art business is called “From Junk To Funk”. I came upon her stand at the fair and was immediately drawn in to have a look. As an artist myself, I just love handmade items with uniqueness and interest, and also FUN!

Beth takes bottle caps (sometimes vintage) from soda, beer, juices, or any other great funky bottle cap and turns them into really cool pendants. She provides a chain with the pendant and a cool round tin box for storing your pendant. I had a hard time deciding which one to buy because they were all so beautiful. I think I was in her stand for about an hour (maybe more) and then I went back again the next day to look some more!

She has so many designs, like flowers, beads, skulls, peace signs, themes for interests such as art, dance, music. Such a huge variety to choose from. They look fabulous when you wear 3 different ones at varying lengths on your neck.

Her shipping and service is great and she can also make a custom one should you have an interest of a specific type.

I highly recommend her art and they make fabulous gifts at a real reasonable price. Not only do you get the pretty pendant on the front but a way cool bottle cap on the back.

I bought quite a few from her .. for myself as well as gifts for my friends.

Have a look at her website and see what you can find!

And here is her Etsy Shop

She is a real sweet gal with lots of great talent!

Baby Fairy WIP & Completion

Ebay Listing For Sage – Auction Ends Monday, Nov 9th

I am starting to try to remember to take pictures of my work in progress. Sometime I get so involved I do not stop to snap that photo. I am getting better though and remembering to take the time to do this. I will just keep updating this post as I progress.

Here is my latest little baby fairy in the works.

I only got her side profile of her head in a picture. 😦

This the start of her body over the wire armature.

Another view of the body.

Fully sculpted, from here I will do detail, smoothing, etc. This will not be her final pose. Once she is detailed I will then do the final pose.

She is almost done. Her base will be completed and wings added.

She is completed. I finished her costume, headpiece, and her wings.

She sleeps in her flower display setting.

View her FlickR Slide Show Here