Bottle Brush Christmas Trees & Faux Pastries

I have added some new items to my Etsy Shop.

I have a new set of bottle brush trees in My Etsy Shop. These trees are a set of 9 and are some chilly-brrrrrrrrrrrrr-cold-snow-frosted trees. They make a really nice holiday display and are very iridescent. I like to display them on a nice decorative platter with snow.

I have also listed some of my special faux pastries. For customers that purchase dolls from me, you are familiar with my Faux Cupcakes. I started making faux pastries about a year ago and whenever I have some spare time I go into the basement and make up a batch.

I always include one of these faux cupcakes for an extra goody with a purchase of one of my sculptures. I have just finished a new batch and have added 6 sets in my Etsy Shop

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