Folk Art Snowmen

Here in NJ we really have had no snow yet this December. One tiny little storm was about all we got. In hopes of getting some snow here, I have been creating snowmen.

Snowman (Female) Etsy Listing

Snowman (Male) Etsy Listing

FlickR Slide Show Here

These two snowman were made using paper clay, the kind that air dries (no baking needed). The female stands 8.5″ and the male stands 9.5″.

They are hand sculpted and painted by hand. I really enjoy painting on paper clay. So much technique that can be used for finishing them too — which is always so much fun. Distressing, shabby, antiquing. Then all the good stuff like fibers and glitter.

These guys sure gave me a chance to dig into all my art supplies to find just the right accents for them.

Little bit of sterling silver is added to their hats. I sculpted the hats of clay as well and then accented with fibers.

They will be added to my Etsy shop so check back soon and I will post the Etsy Link here. I may try to take a few more photos for Etsy.

3 thoughts on “Folk Art Snowmen

  1. Denise, these are wonderful! I just created my first snowman on the weekend and had so much fun. I used polymer clay and painted it, butwanted to try some with the paper clay (just got some). I also need more glitter. I had some old stock and used it all up!I think my favorite is the leggy snowman with the inquisitive look on his face. Love your pics – they are an art form all by themselves!

  2. Thanks Sue! I hope your post a photo of your polymer snowman!! I can't wait for you to try paper clay. I am finding I love how light weight it is. Real fun to work with. But if you don't like to sand (like I don't) yikes! Lots and lots of sanding!!!

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