Valetines Day Snowmen

While I was waiting for my workshop to start I did two more snowman sculptures in a Valetines day theme.

These are both foil armature sculptures with paper clay. I am always so behind in ‘holiday’ sculptures so I really tried to get a couple done for Valentines Day.

Here is the first one and he is a standing piece and holding some hearts. He was quite a challenge in that I used 18 gauge wire with foil armature. So his little legs were wires. So I was like “hmmm, what do I do with his legs”. Instead of putting clay over them I wrapped in fiber and then gel medium them so they were nice and hard. So it made for some neat legs. Will have to try this method again.

The next two are a snowman couple with a “Be Mine” theme. I knew I wanted to do another snoman couple and the hearts they are holding would work nice for the Valentines Day theme. I put this one in my Etsy shop this afternoon and in less than 1/2 hour this one sold along with the other one. I figured I would post here anyway even though they sold.

I think during some down time (if there is any) in my IW workshop I would like to do perhaps another Valentines Day themed sculpture. Have to see how it goes. I am so busy and this workshop has a lot of heavy content! For me its heavy because I have only done perhaps 4-5 soft type dolls in my life. I hope to do some WIPs on her creation and fill in my blog posts that way. Since I won’t be doing any side projects for the most part and just focusing on my Izannah Doll.

I have traced and cut my patters and tomorrow I hit the sewing machine. This is a great workshop and Dixie did a fabulous job with the content. I am very pleased and glad I joined up.

I have also been negligent in visiting all my blog buddies. Please forgive me. Ive just been so busy. But hope to make my usual blog rounds sometime this week and probably in the much later hours of the evening.

4 thoughts on “Valetines Day Snowmen

  1. Denise, I am working on a couple of "heart" snowmen too. I had such fun making the one at Christmas that I thought, heck, I'll make a couple for Valentines. Like you, I am always behind on the seasonal events! LOLLove the ones above. Great idea for the legs!Looking forward to seeing some of the WIPs on your workshop piece.Hugs

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