Izannah Doll Workshop – Week 1

Izannah workshop opened up this past Monday. I sign in to the Ning forum and gather up my packet of goodies. I downloaded all the information and the pattern. I printed it all out and briefly looked it over. I then thought to myself, “good thing we have 3 months to make this doll”! At first glance, it looked a bit overwhelming.

As always, I dive right in! This has always been a bad habit of mine. I tend not to read through materials very thoroughly. I suppose it is because I am not a real detail oriented person and just like to ‘wing it’ most of the times. I glance at pictures and think I know what I am doing. LOL. sometimes it works, and sometime it doesn’t. But this time it worked out fine.

I am someone that usually struggles with soft cloth doll patterns. Those fingers, and turning arms and legs .. yikes…and all that nonsense usually has me in tears with blow outs and frayed fabric. However, this one went very very smooth! I decided to do the paint over-dye method for the fabric (recommended by Gail Wilson). This way the fabric is stabilized and offers better cutting and sewing. I am happy with this extra step that I did and think this is why I did not have blow outs and fraying. Monday and Tuesday I spent cutting the pattern and sewing.

Here is her lovely torso and head sewn up.

I am sculpting the head with paper clay so she is drying after I have gessoed the head. Late Wednesday I began sculpting her face, so will show those pictures tomorrow along with her other body parts which have been completed.

Today I am working on the sculpting of her face/head. I am much further along then I thought I would be and so far things are going very smoothly! She is going to be a treasured doll!

8 thoughts on “Izannah Doll Workshop – Week 1

  1. Tee hee, totally get what you said about diving right in! That's one of my worst habits, then I wonder why things turn out a bit different to what I was expecting. I'm at my least patient with recipes… dining with me is strictly not for the faint hearted!

  2. Denise, Its a great pattern dont ya think, I usually struggle with patterns as well, but i made 4 w/o any problems what so ever! I have been trying to create re create the Izzy doll for many years now and i am still not where Robin is… But i am not going to give up, heres a little hint, even with the slight down turned head, the head is flat on top, which photo did you choose for reference? Hope this helps, Many hugs, Jackie

  3. Denise, Flat from a side profile view, (actually its more flat than round but does drop to the front and back), But from the front it has a slight drop on either side of course. I hope this makes sense and doesnt mess you up. Hugs, Jackie

  4. There is a pic In the Fox book of dolls that i use, and when i quit using it, for some reason i missed my mark on them? Maybe its just the execution of the pic? Oh Gosh I know when i started i thought oh this will be a breeze…years later, I am addicted and I still havent got it….

  5. I just joined this group a few weeks and really looking forward to trying my hand at this doll. You are so on your way and I can't wait to see her finished. Hmmmmm I should really get started on mine! LOL Have fun and have a great weekend my friend.Cheers

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