Izannah Walker Doll Week2

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Refer back to Week 1 Post for this doll

Refer back to Week 1 Update Post for this doll

Wow. What a crazy week! Busy with life stuff but I was also getting my arse kicked by this Izannah Walker Doll. Argh, it was hectic!. For the most part, I was spending a good portion of my time on IW doll and I think I worked 10am-10pm most days.

She was definitely a challenge in many ways because a lot of this is new to me. Ive never made a cloth doll this large with so many construction aspects to it. I had a feeling when I got to the sewing I would want to pull my hair out.

I think this is where I left off on my last post. I am now ending in my week 2 of this workshop. So all this was accomplished this past week.

After the head is sculpted and sanded you place over top a stockinette. As refresher from my last post, here is her head sanded and ready for the stockinette.

Next is to apply the stockinette. I used tubular stockinette instead of a tee-shirt. I did this because I didn’t feel I had the ability (yet) to cut and fit a tee-shirt to the head. Tubular was much easier for me. However, later I realized the ridges were too deep. I probably used too small width of tubular and next time I will try a larger one. Due to the stretch of the smaller one, the knit ribbing was too pronounced/raised. This means it will be harder for me to get a smooth surface for her painting. Oh well .. *SIGH* I am learning.

I am proceeding as if she is perfect. She wants to be a pretty doll and she deserves to be one! Much time put into her already at this point.

So onward I must go … yes …. she is pretty I keep telling myself ….

So here is her head with the stockinette. It is glued over the paper clay head/face and left to dry. The next step is a few layers of gesso. Lots and lots and some modeling paste too to try to fill in those ridges. Next time I am choosing a jersey knit teeshirt or larger tubular stockinette.

After the head is gessoed and sanded to your likeness, the head is ready to be painted. I am still a bit disappointed she does not look too much like IW original, however, I just don’t know until she is done. I tell myself again, “she is pretty she will be fine” and proceed. 🙂

I realize she is not perfect, but her role now is to guide me and make sure I learn. She is important no matter how she turns out. She is my first IW doll. I must not cut any corners and do all steps to her completion!

Painting was a challenge because I am used to painting realistic faces on polymer clay with genesis paints (heat drying). This is all new to me. I am using acrylics. Worst case scenario if I screw up?? Just gesso the head again. But here’s what I ended up with and I decided she is fine. This is how she looks right after painting and before I antiqued her head/face.

So now her head is done. I am ready to put her legs on (which have already been painted) and her second skin. Second skin is real nice because its a layer that can nicely hide her underneath and jointed areas. I really liked this aspect of her construction and well worth the extra time for this.

My poor little Izzie. She has an over sized head. LOL. I am hoping when she is dressed this is less prominent and noticeable. Technically yes, her head is about 1 inch too large than it should be. I got carried away with the paper clay during sculpting.

She is completely assembled and just waiting for her wardrobe. I do not have photo’s of her outfit in the making. However, one hour ago, she is done and completed.

She has a petticoat, a chemise, pantaloons with lace trim, and a beautiful dress! All distressed to look old and aged! And WOW! I think I LOVE HER! I am glad I stuck by her and gave her 100% of a chance to be a little Izannah Walker inspired doll.

Check back this weekend for her portrait photos! Yikes, she needs a name. To be announced later.

Whew I am exhausted! I will not start the next one till perhaps Monday. I need a break!

6 thoughts on “Izannah Walker Doll Week2

  1. I think she is Beautiful Denise…Can't wait to see her in all her Pretty clothes…What a vast amount of work you have put into this doll…I think you did a great job…Give yourself a pat or two on the back…Now get some much needed rest..you deserve it…

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