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SALE SALE SALE!!! April 1-April 15th

I am having sale in my Etsy Shop starting April 1st through April 15th. All items are 15% off list price! Hurry up and don’t miss my Spring Cleaning Sale in My Etsy Shop!

I have Folk Art Holiday Items, Halloween sculptures, spirit dolls, and sale also includes my Izannah Dolls. These are a few of my beauties available! So stop by and look around! 15% off! Don’t Miss Out!

You will need to contact me prior to checkout so I can reduce the prices by 15%!

Happy Spring!

Madeline – 7″ Izannah Walker Inspired Doll

Spring is in the air! FINALLY! The weather has been fabulous. However, I do not think it will stay this way. 😦 What an incredible tease! We usually do not see 70 degrees until May. Due to this beautiful weather, it took me little tad longer than usual to finish my latest Izannah doll. Can you blame me for not wanting to be indoors! Soon as it hit 70 degrees, I was outside in a flash! I am loving it!

This is Madeline. She is a 7″ Izannah Walker Inspired Doll. Her dress is a beautiful gold and trimmed in lace around her neckline. She wears pantaloons under her dress and her boots are black.

She is a cloth doll with sculptured head and shoulders. Her boots are also sculpted.

She has been listed in my Etsy Shop. Stop by to see her!

My Izannah Dolls Have Furniture!

I have been wanting some furniture for my little Izannah dolls. Few weeks ago, after I was done with my blog rounds, I decided to search on Etsy to see what I can find. I stumbled upon a really cool shop. The Etsy Shop name is called “Sawdusty’s Cabin”.

I contacted the Etsy shop owner to find out if they would be interested in making me some custom chairs for my dolls. After a few convo’s the ideas were set and the work began.

The best part is, when I found the shop, I saw the words “Because a woman’s Place is in the Woodshop”. A female in the woodshop! Way cool!

She was very professional to work with, knew exactly what I had in mind, worked up some patterns and a sample chair. I ended up with 4 chairs and love them all! The bench is just so adorable.

My little Izannah’s now have some nice furniture while they wait for their new owners.

This was the first one she designed, which I like but we moved forward and decided upon another design instead. But I purchased this one too! 🙂

This is the final design that I really love. Especially in this black paint.

So of course I needed another one in painted in a nice red.

Then of course I needed a cute bench so two dolls can sit together!

Denise (she has the same first name as me too!), of Sawdusty’s Cabin was such a pleasure to work with. When I received the chairs they were so nicely done and I can tell she loves what she does. Stop by to see her shop, she has so many beautiful items for sale and you will love working with her!

Izannah Walker Doll “Charlotte” – Mini 7″

I recently finished another Izannah Walker doll. She is 7″.

She has been listed in my Etsy Shop.

I am really enjoying these little girls. They make nice little companion dolls for the larger Izannah’s also. I have another 5 bodies sewn up with limbs ready to go. Tonight I will be stuffing limbs; arms and legs.

I had found this fabric quite awhile ago and waited for the right doll to use it.
I trimmed the fabric in hand dyed gold fabric. Her skirt is nice and full!

Her sweet face is softly painted and then a gentle antiquing applied

Her hair is painted in the soft whispy style. Which is currently my favorite style.

Make sure to check out her Etsy listing as she is anxious for a new home!

She’s A Cutie! Izannah Walker Doll “Erin”

I have am offering another little Izannah Walker doll in my Etsy Shop another little Izannah Walker Inspired Doll. So far, she’s my favorite. I love her dress. It is getting me anxious for spring. I worked real hard on this one and I just love how her face turned out and her cute pouty lips.

Her soft cloth body is stuffed with pure wool and her head/face and shoulder plate are hand sculpted of paper clay. Sanded, softly hand painted, and then distressed to give her an vintage appearance.

Her dress is a beautiful zig-zag pattern in a light teal color. Delicate lace is around her neckline. I gave her skin tone a nice warm color.

Her little boots are sculpted over the cloth and then painted a beautiful honey brown color. They are also painted with the sweet little bow and lace design.

I love this little one and hoping that she finds a loving new home.