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LARGE Izannah Walker Doll

I have finally finished a 17″ Izannah Walker inspired doll. She was a long time in the making. She is a soft body cloth doll with sculpted head/shoulders.

Lately I have been making the small 7″ dolls and after finishing Molly I really appreciate the size difference! I love both sizes and really enjoy alternating between the small and the large ones.

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The creation and assemblage of these dolls maintains many similar construction qualities of an original Izannah Walker doll. No corners were cut on her creation and she includes a second skin covering under her clothes. She is stuffed with pure wool.

Her clothes consist of a chemise, pantaloons, petticoat with ruffled edge, bodice with full skirt.

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“Maggie” Izannah Walker Inspired Doll 7″

This one is a little different than my others and I had decided to sculpt her hair.

I only have one more small body sewn up and ready to go! So after that one I will take some time to sew up more bodies. So any new ones will be not forthcoming for a few weeks while I hit the sewing the machine!

Her dress is cotton with a netting over skirt. The netting has also been added to her sleeves. I love this netting and I dyed it for a more vintage look.

She has vintage lace trim in delicate rose color weaving. I have had this trim for so long waiting for the right doll deserving of it. She was the one!

Her little black boots are sculpted and then painted with bow design.

She is listed in my Etsy Shop.

“Anna” Izannah Walker Inspired Doll

Anna’s dress was not easy to sew. This material is a cotton, but it is very very soft. The weave made it a challenge to do her clothes. This is one of the new fabrics I found in the quilt shop. It was worth the struggling because its just so soft.

I decided to give her a beautiful glass beaded necklace.

Her hair is a warm honey brown and very golden. On my next Izannah I may try to sculpt the hair.

Her black boots are painted in the bow and lace design.

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Izannah Walker Inspired Doll 7″ Bianca

I finally had some time to visit the quilt shope located a few miles from my house. It is amazing! They have a wonderful selection of many civil war type prints that will be wonderful for my Izannah dolls. I picked up quite a few prints and can’t wait to turn out more Izannah’s using this yummy fabric.

This latest Izannah’s dress is fabric from my existing stash. I was waiting for a perfect Izannah that would go well with this fabric. Very soft colored strips of mauve, green with little bit of pale yellow/gold.

Her little boots are a soft mossy green color and her pantaloons are rosey pink to match her dress.

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She has been listed in my Etsy Shop.

Izannah Walker Inspired Doll 7″ Carla

For now I am done with the clay miniature houses. I am thinking over some ideas for some holiday miniature houses. Maybe some gingerbread houses or little christmas shops. How fun! Maybe small snow village house.

So onward it is and back to my dolls! I felt the desire to do another Izannah Walker inspired doll. This one is a 7″ doll of cloth and clay. Her face is sculpted of clay and her body is a sewn soft body. Her little boots are also sculpted of clay.

Her dress is a beautiful powder blue. I always wait until the painting is all done on the doll before I pick the outfit patter. Sometimes the coloring of the skin tone of the doll determines the best pattern and color for her dress. I was so pleased with the powder blue print she is wearing.

Her pantaloons are lightweight tissue linen. She comes a with handmade custom hand tag noting her name “Carla”.

I love to distress the dress for that antique feeling. She is one of my favorites thus far. I just love the blue on her.

She has been added to my Etsy shop

I am working on another mini. I still have a large 18″ Izannah in the works as well. Life has been keeping me busy so getting to my art table has been somewhat of a challenge lately. Hopefully this will slow down and I can find more time to sit and work on my art.