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Desert Rain Fairy

She is finished. I just have one more photo to take of her on her base. The base is sculpted of air dry clay and just big enough to comfortably display her. It is painted a beautiful kiwi green and slightly sparkled.

I have decided she is a Desert Rain Fairy portraying the beautiful soft colors of the magnificent flowers that appear in the desert after a rain. She is 5″ fairy sculpted of polymer clay.

You can view all her flickr Photos here

She will be listed in my Etsy Shop after Christmas. I am so busy with the holiday I won’t have time to add her. As always, if you are interested in purchasing her, feel free to contact me.

Have a wonderful holiday! My daughter is visiting and there is much to do. After the holiday I will be back to my art studio creating more sweet fairies!


Wow!!! It has been a VERY long since I have been here at my blog. These past 6 months have been very hectic to say the least. Ive moved! Moving is awful! Especially when you are an artist with lots of art supplies! After arriving here I had a small room to work in and it did not nearly accomodate my artistic freedom. But it was temporary until we found a permanent landing spot!

I managed a few pieces, however, I finally gave it a rest until I can become more permanently settled. It was just too frustrating to keep digging into boxes looking for what I needed in order to complete a project.

This November I finally settled in to a permanent spot and my new art studio is ready. I have all my supplies organized and at my fingertips again! Yeah!!! I can create again!! I can sculpt!! I can paint!! I can play with dolls again!!!! 🙂

I missed my art tremendously during this long break. I am jumping back in with lots of great energy and lots of ideas! I managed to create my first piece in my art studio … despite this hectic holiday season. She’s a fairy! She is almost done but here’s a quick peek at her.

Her base is not yet completed and I am currently working on her wings. It is possible, in the next day or so, I will have her completed. So check back for updated photos of her! She’s so sweet at only 5″ and a delicate sculpture.

Ive missed everyone! I am so happy to back here! Hopefully ya’ll did not forget about me. 😦 I have lots to catch up on with my own artwork as well as everyone’s blogs!

I wish everyone a wonderful holiday!