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Historical baby dolls

Ive been tinkering around with some dolls made to look vintage. I had found some pretty vintage material and that is what made me want to do a few of these. Sometimes it takes finding fabric to give me a spark to create something.

This one I really liked how she turned out. She is so sweet. I did not sculpt legs on her and just left her bundled in a long bunting gown. However, I think the next one I will do legs and still make them with a long gown. This one has poseable arms.

I am also doing more Izannah dolls because I have gotten requests for these. They really are a joy to work on. Something about this time of year makes me want to work more with fabrics, sewing, and stuffing doll body parts. So I dug out all my Izannah goodies and trying to get a few of these done.

With holidays here its a little busy so my time to create may be limited until after the new year.

Hoping everyone has wonderful and safe holiday season.

Christmas Morning Babies

I cannot believe its December already. I am a little late in getting my holiday pieces done. But hurry up…..because I managed to get these two cuties done over this weekend and they are in my shop right now!

These are my ‘Christmas Morning’ babies. I am going to do a couple more for all those last minute gift shoppers!

I have listed them in my Etsy, come see these adorable little bundles! The jingle bells adorned on this little outfits are so cute! You can even attach a ribbon to them for ornaments on your tree.

I have one that is sleeping and another with open eyes. Only the heads are sculpted and the bodies are soft stuffing over armature. They are bundled in my own hand dyed fabrics. Adorned with lots of sparkly fibers and ribbons.

Christmas Morning Sleeping Baby

Christmas Morning Baby Open Eyes