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OOAK Child Fairy Elena

OOAK Child Fairy Elena

This is a little woodland forest fairy. She is petite, under 4 1/2 inches. She has been listed in my Etsy Shop. Click on photo to see her listing. She’s so cute, she has freckles. 🙂

OOAK Child Faylinn

OOAK Child Faylinn

This little one has such cute little body I wanted to give her a leotard. This fairy moves quickly through the forest. she’s fast little one. She has just enough sparkles to compete with the glittery sister fairies. 🙂 but she needs to be mostly cammo to move the forest undetected. 🙂 Click on her photo to see her Etsy Listing.

OOAK Child Fairy OPAL

OOAK Child Fairy OPAL

Just finished this little one. Oh my, she’s a little sweetie. so soft and delicate. She is just under 4 1/2 ” tall. She will be listing in my Etsy Shop tonight (in about an hour or so) and I will update my blog for Etsy Link. Thanks for looking!