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OOAK child fairy Cassandra

OOAK child fairy Cassandra

I have completed this little one. Oh my…. I just love her. She has a magical fairy wand. Not all fairies have these! they are only for those with special fairy magic powers! And she has them! She comes with a desert wood display that I have sculpted a mushroom into. Click on her photo to see her Etsy Listing!


Baby Fairy – Belle

Baby Fairy - Belle

Here’s my first creation back in my studio. This piece is already sold and won’t be in my Etsy Shop. She’s adorable little baby fairy. I made a little pillow for her of silk from vietnam. I love the outfit in all white. She is such cutie. Check back for more little baby fairies. After a few more baby fairies I will be doing some child fairies 4″-5″ in size.

ACK!! I been gone too long! BUT IM COMING BACK!

Ok. Im finally here.  Writing this post.  Since October Ive had quite a few distractions.  Oh boy they were all one after another … and so on and so on!! Geeeesh.  Then the holidays came, which made it all that more crazy! I am way behind on my art.  However, this week I am back at my art studio.  I realize you are all waiting for more dolls. I hope to have some more creations with this next week.  Im working on one right now that may already have a buyer, however, if not she will be listed in my Etsy Shop.

Thanks all for your patience!  Seems life keeps sending me hurdles.  I jump them and Im back! 🙂