Archive | February 2014

OOAK Fairy “Ocean Fairy”

I was asked to do a custom order. An Ocean Fairy. Wow, I didnt think she would be so fun to work on. I just love the Ocean… I grew up on the east coast. She doesnt have a name just yet. check back later. She will be listed in my Etsy shop in RESERVE status as this was a custom order. If I were to keep one of my fairies, this would be the one. just love her sweet face and the colors and theme are so beautiful!

OOAK Child Fairy Butterfly Fairy

OOAK Child Fairy Butterfly Fairy

This was custom order. I hope the buyer likes her. If not she will become available in my shop. Right now she is on RESERVE for 24 hours. She is themed fairy, butterfly theme. Her bodice is sculpted in a butterfly theme and she has tiny butterflies near her boots on her ankles. What a little treasure. She is magical … in the forest she finds all the beautiful butterflies and flies with them …. playing and dancing!

OOAK Child Fairy

OOAK Child Fairy

This doll was a custom order. I typically don’t do custom orders, other than getting requests for eye and hair color, and outfit color. And I create the doll based on some things a customer may request. This one was so much fun to create and for a truly wonderful person. These redheads are so much fun. Firey with a lot of spunk! If ya see one of these fairies in the woods, do not even think about messing with em’. 🙂 They are no match for their dynamic spirit and they are quick to fly. Good luck catching one! hehehehe. She doesn’t have a name yet …. working on that. Click her photo to see her Etsy Listing and more photos.