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OOAK Fairy Gypsy Fairy

OOAK Fairy Gypsy Fairy

What a fun one to do. I really love all her colors! She’s darling. Click on her photo to see her Etsy Listing.

This little one you will find ….perhaps hiding in your attic. She sweet, but she is very feisty and has a lot spunk ….. so don’t try to mess with her. Nor should you try to capture her. She’s virtually impossible to catch. This is because she can morph into anything…such as inanimate objects … and just sit and wait for you to leave. She rummages through all your treasures and heirlooms tucked away in your attic. If you find things missing, especially small trinkets, well… oh my, it could be Nola.

OOAK Child Fairy Nahla

OOAK Child Fairy Nahla

Oh my. I love love love her. This doll I used a different method to sculpt her face and just love the outcome. Her innocence and youthful look is what I strive for with these young fairies. she is like a little princess! Her pose could be either a take off or landing pose and she comes seated on her little wooden display. Click on her photo to see her Etsy Listing. Thanks