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OOAK Baby Fairy Chloe

I finished this one and she was listed in my Etsy shop with an immediate sale.  She was real cute one. She almost looks like Angel’s sister. I had sculpted these two at same time.  She is costumed in soft peachy/pink colors.  Real sweet doll.  Glad she found a loving home!



IMG_4419                   IMG_4424

OOAK Baby Fairy Angel

Oh my…..I just finished this little sweetie.  I had to name her Angel because she is just such a sweet one.  Stop over my Etsy Shop to see her.  She has a wand.  Not many of my fairies get wands 🙂   Hope you like her!







OOAK Baby Fairy Jordan

I have just listed a baby fairy in my Etsy Shop.  Stop over to see her. Her colors are blue and green. She is a real sweetie.  I love this one.  You can tell she has spunk even though she is sleeping. 🙂  Her picture also links to Etsy Listing.



OOAK Child Fairy Diana

Stop on over to my Etsy Shop to see Diana. She is so beautiful.  A 5″ sleeping fairy. Her colors are soft blue and aqua and she has swarovski crystals on her tiara, boots as well as her waist and neckline.  I just love her!  Hope you do too!  One of my favorites that I have done, no doubt.   Her outfit is just gorgeous!







OOAK Baby Fairy “Izzy” – Magical Fairy with Wand

Three days of labor and love on this little girl. Oh my, I just love her.  Usually I don’t have hard time parting with my dolls but she will certainly tug at my heart.  This was a custom order doll and will not be listed in my Etsy Shop.  She was sold privately.  Her name is little Izzy.

Her colors are lavender and I painted a beautiful wooden box for her to sit her on.  And that wand! Not all my fairies get wands.  Ones with lots magic and big loving tasks get wands.  I see more fairies though with wands coming. I just love the magic they add!

I will miss this one but she will be loved.



IMG_3868 IMG_3872 IMG_3856 IMG_3860

OOAK Baby Fairy Custom Order

This little one I just finished. It is a custom order. She is listed in my Etsy Shop but already sold for a customer.

She’s such a cutie. After I did Jewel, this customer wanted one similar cuz Jewel was so cute.  So this one came to life as Jewels little sister 🙂   Because I did these two dolls one after another I could almost get the same look, but usually its virtually impossible to get the same face on each of my dolls because they are all handmade and OOAK.










OOAK Fairy 5″ Standing Fairy – Butterfly Fairy

This was a custom order for a customer.  She is a “Butterfly” Themed Fairy.  Lots detail in this one.  Real fun to do. I love the butterfly theme.  So pretty.    I will link to my Etsy shop the listing, however, she has sold.




OOAK Baby Fairy Jewel

I have just completed this little one. I think she found a home already though. I just listed her in my Etsy shop.. Love this one.. I named her Jewel …. she just sparkles like a jewel…. this one is soooo adorable. Love her colors. Everyone loves pink on these little babies.


OOAK Baby Fairy “Star”

I have a little baby fairy listed in my Etsy Shop. Oh my, she’s like a little shining star to me. So I named her Star.  She is approximately 3″.  Click HERE to see her Etsy Listing.   Don’t miss this one! She’s a cutie. So soft and delicate.