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Baby Fairy “Hope”

I finished this one. This was an order so she is not available in my Etsy Shop.  I have a few more orders to do as well before I will have any in my shop available.   I may be able to sneak in a holiday fairy.  I am trying to fit that in as well.  So busy this time of year.  I have lots of ideas for fairies that I hope to get some time to work on.



She has a little wand. I love these little wands for them. They are swarovski crystals.


Baby Fairies

I have been so busy doing orders. I have done quite a few baby fairies. I have not had time to post them at my blog. These were all orders. They are all such cuties. I will just post some of the photos here of them. I have 5 more custom orders to do and then I can get back to listing more in my shop that will be available.


This one is Luna.




This is Bella.



This is Rosa.




This is Rosannah. She has a wand.




This was another little one that was custom order. I forgot what I named her.  I will have to update my post when I figure this out.   She has a wand also.