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OOAK Fairy. Hunting with a spear

This is my little hunter fairy.  Costumed in greens and browns.  Her spear is organic in nature … an agave needle.  Very sharp so I clipped the very tip off the end. … ever so slightly.  Her name is Kaya.   Stop by my Etsy shop to see her listing.

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Happy New Year! New OOAK Baby Fairy

Wow. It was a really busy holiday season for me. I have lots dolls that I need to post here on my blog that I did for holiday orders. I was so busy I could not blog. I also came down with a super bad head cold/sinus thing. Kicked my butt and since the new year have been sick.

Good news is I am back in my art studio creating again. Finally starting to feel much better. I will be listing this little one in my shop today. She is a baby fairy. about 3.5″. Just love her. Very elegant and cute. She has a wand with crystals. Hope you stop by and see her Etsy Listing. Ill update this blog post with the Etsy link when I get her listed in my shop.

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