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OOAK Fairy “Sweetpea” with Spindly Hat

I just love this little cutie pie.  I want to keep her … HA….  but I don’t keep any of my dolls. Why?  Well… because they should be out there sprinkling magic fairy dust and spreading happiness and joy and making little girls smile (or big girls too).    That is what fairies are supposed to do.  My dolls are created with lots love and happiness and these little ones need to do this job out there in this world!

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I named her Sweetpea because when I was costuming her, she told me what her name was. I wasnt even thinking about what to name her and in my heads comes the name Sweetpea. Its so funny how they do that.  The ones that do this have lots of spunk and just can’t wait for their wings so they can fly!


her colors are light mint/aqua…. with accents of gold and peach.   Her hat is a cute tall spindly hat. I imagine she stores all her little secrets and magic inside that hat. 🙂  Her hair is tibetan lambswool in pale blonde.  I sure do love these little blonde fairies.  Her wings are permanently attached to her back.  And of course! She carries a magic wand with a swarovski crystal in pink!


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OOAK Baby Fairy. Like Confetti Colors

Had a busy couple weeks so I have not had much time to get to my art. But… whew.. I finally made it back into my studio.   And it doesn’t take long for me to get happy again after creating little ones and the stress drifts away.  Fairies are magical!  They sure make me happy these little cuties.

Wow, she doesn’t have a name yet, but ohhhh my …. she reminds me of confetti colors.


I have not named her yet.  I will list her in my Etsy Shop in a little while.  Probably by later tonight.  I will update my blog here when the listing is ready.  By then I should have a name for her too. 🙂


She has a swarovski crystal wand.


UPDATE:  She is now available in my Etsy Shop.  Click HERE to see her listing. I named her Poppy  Like the flower .. poppies.

OOAK Fairy with Mushroom Base – Blossom

This little one I just finished.  Every time I do a fairy costumed in pink I get so happy.  Pink is so pretty for them.   She is accented with white.   She measures about 3.5 inches.

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etsyHer wings are entirely painted by hand.  There were many steps to these wings and they certainly took quite a while. They are so delicate.  I just love this technique and the possibilities are endless for fairy wings with this method.   Can’t wait to do more of them.


I made her a display base with a sculpted mushroom.  Flowers and greens around her.  She sleeps so nicely in this base.  I often do not do bases but sometimes I get in the mood to do them.  And the completed look is so adorable and of course makes for display them real nice.



 I should have her listed in my Etsy shop tonight.  Check back to this post and I will add her Etsy Listing link here. And by then I should have a name for her also. 🙂