OOAK Fairy with Mushroom Base – Blossom

This little one I just finished.  Every time I do a fairy costumed in pink I get so happy.  Pink is so pretty for them.   She is accented with white.   She measures about 3.5 inches.

Click for her Etsy Listing

etsyHer wings are entirely painted by hand.  There were many steps to these wings and they certainly took quite a while. They are so delicate.  I just love this technique and the possibilities are endless for fairy wings with this method.   Can’t wait to do more of them.


I made her a display base with a sculpted mushroom.  Flowers and greens around her.  She sleeps so nicely in this base.  I often do not do bases but sometimes I get in the mood to do them.  And the completed look is so adorable and of course makes for display them real nice.



 I should have her listed in my Etsy shop tonight.  Check back to this post and I will add her Etsy Listing link here. And by then I should have a name for her also. 🙂


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