OOAK Baby Fairy. Like Confetti Colors

Had a busy couple weeks so I have not had much time to get to my art. But… whew.. I finally made it back into my studio.   And it doesn’t take long for me to get happy again after creating little ones and the stress drifts away.  Fairies are magical!  They sure make me happy these little cuties.

Wow, she doesn’t have a name yet, but ohhhh my …. she reminds me of confetti colors.


I have not named her yet.  I will list her in my Etsy Shop in a little while.  Probably by later tonight.  I will update my blog here when the listing is ready.  By then I should have a name for her too. 🙂


She has a swarovski crystal wand.


UPDATE:  She is now available in my Etsy Shop.  Click HERE to see her listing. I named her Poppy  Like the flower .. poppies.

One thought on “OOAK Baby Fairy. Like Confetti Colors

  1. She is gorgeous, I will have to keep checking etsy. How about calling her Fleur? French for flower.

    Sent from the land of the fae. From teeny and tiny To a little bit tall… A faerie’s a faerie No matter how small

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