OOAK Fairy Dew Drop Fairy

We had a few days of rainy wet weather.  So I hunkered down in my studio to create.  Is why she is a dew drop fairy.  she flew in with the beautiful rain making beautiful things grow.  Water…. rain … dew drop fairy.  She’s a real cutie.   I love the blond fairies but my favorite are also these auburn red heads.  They are so striking and royal.

Reminder … you can click on photos to view full size.



Her colors are soft greens and blues.  Lots of detail in this one.  Her little outfit as well as her wand and oh my. …. her tall hat is adorned with beads and more swarovski crystals and sparkles.   She is truly magical!!  A joy!  Some are hard to part with, she is one of those I will miss. But oh my, she has big job to do….spreading happiness and joy!




Be sure to check back here …. I will link to my Etsy the shop from here.  For those that know how to find me and my shop! Stay tuned…check my shop …… I will be listing her in a short while.


IMG_9823I think I will give her a name as well.  Thinking ……..  🙂



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