OOAK Baby Fairy “Angelica”

Hello out there in fairy land.   Meet Angelica.  I just finished her. She got envious of the spindly hats on her sisters so she pretty much demanded I give her one.  So cute!  Its embellished with fire polished crystals.    I named her Angelica because she is so sweet … like an Angel.

Click on any photos to see larger preview.



Spring must be near, although its almost always spring like here in the Sonoran Desert…. however, I just seem to be drawn to blues and greens for the spring for my dolls.   Just makes me happy and feels like renewal.   I bet many folks ready for spring as it seemed was cold and harsh snowy winter for many.  Let Angelica bring the spring to you sooner!


Ohhhh and of course, she has a wand.  I just love the wands for them! Cuz … well… wands just make more magic, wishes and dreams come true!


She measures approx 3 1/2″.   Her little feet are so cute. 🙂


I will try add her to my Etsy Shop tonight.  However, sometimes I do this late at night.  Keep an eye out for her.  I will update this blog post to her Etsy Listing when she is listed.

Updated 11:2pm: Click HERE To see her Etsy Listing

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