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Easter Sale $10 off Shop Items

Happy Easter!


I am offering a sale of $10 off my listings.   Stop by my Etsy Shop for my sale and discounted free shipping through April 10th.



Have a wonderful Easter!


OOAK Baby Fairy “Tula”

It has been quite a busy March for me.  Things have quieted down a tad.  Although in a couple weeks I will be a way for a week.   I hope to get a couple more dolls done before I leave.   I just finished this little one.




She is costumed in pink accented with blues.  She has on little leg warmers.  How cute!!  I will list her in my Etsy shop in a short while.  Check back here for the link to her listing.  She’s adorable.  About the same size as my latest baby fairies being 3.5 inches.  She has a blue swarovski crystal on her wand.





Another tall spindly hat on her.  Think these hats are so cute.   I use this beautiful lace I had found a while back. Im almost out of it.  I think can get a few more dolls done with these type hats.  I can’t recall where I found it so can’t get any more.  😦


Click HERE for her ETSY LISTING.

SPRING SALE. Free Domestic Shipping

Hello. Welcome spring. For some it has warmed up, others it hasn’t.  However, nonetheless, spring is here.  I am offering Free Domestic shipping on my Etsy Shop Items until April 10th.



Thank you! I will have some more dolls soon. I have just been very busy but hope to get back to my studio this week!