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OOAK fairies Set of 3

I have been busy working on an order.   It is complete so I will be able to continue on my other orders, as well as a few more for my shop.    I had to place an order for clay and some hair too. Replenishing my supplies a bit here.

Here are the 3 new beauties. All sisters and will be shipped to same location.  They were such a joy to work on and what a great opportunity to do this for such a nice lady.




And here is all 3 of them.   Ive never had more than one or two with me at a time, so this was nice to be able to photograph 3 of them together.  These won’t be in my shop.

IMG_7347  Their names are as follows: The little baby in Pink is Poppy, The green one is Clover, the blue one Willow.

OOAK Baby Fairy Moonbeam

I just finished this little one. She was real fun to work on and her outfit I just love.  I hand dyed the fabric perwinkle blue.  All her accents are blue along with some subtle pink and some touches of gold.  Click on her pictures to view her Etsy Listing.


She is holding a wand with two crystals on top end and one at bottom end.  At the bottom is also a Wand Charm which dangles down finished with a star like the one on her hat.


I really love this one.  Her colors are so stunning.  Her little hat is adorned with hand dyed silk and topped off with a star.  Perfect for little Moonbeam.  She sleeps during the day and flies at night.   On a full moon she is in all her glory sparkling under the moonlight.


CLICK HERE to see her Etsy Listing. You dont want to miss this one. She’s a darling!

OOAK Baby Fairy Braelyn

It has been many weeks since i sat in my studio to work.  This summer has become more challenging than I thought.  However, I think it is calming down some and I should be able to spend more time working my art.

IMG_5498 Sometimes when I finish sculpting and getting ready to costume, a color pops into my creative brain.  Eggplant is what I was thinking.  not the food,  the color.   So I mixed up some dyes and hand dyed this color. It turned out beautiful.


She has a wand with swarovski crystals and I also added a charm (beads) to her wand.  So adorable! Love this one.  I hope you visit my Etsy Shop to see more photos of her.   Click HERE to see her Etsy Listing