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OOAK Baby Fairy Pod Bundle Baby

Here’s another little cutie baby fairy pod.  I am working on these in between my lengthier sculpts.  I enjoy costuming these and gives me a break from my more intense sculptures.  They are fun.  I think they make such cute gifts or to add to your fairy collection.

This is the link to the Etsy Listing for this new one.


Here’s the two together.  How cute!


OOAK custom order human baby

This was a custom order for a wonderful customer that wanted a human ooak baby sculpture.  She is listed in my Etsy shop for viewing only as this doll is reserved for the buyer.    You may view her Etsy Listing here


IMG_9897 IMG_9906

I really enjoyed working on a human baby and may do a few more of these.  So sweet they are.  I used to do the human babies long while ago but then became focused on fairies.  This was refreshing to work on and I really enjoyed it.

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OOAK baby fairy bundle of joy fairy pod

I have been working hard on a custom order that was somewhat challenging.  Its almost done, but in the meantime I needed a break from the order and managed to create this little one.  I love these bundle babys. They are so fun to make and her face is so sweet.



I just listed her in my Etsy shop so stop on over and have a look at her!


OOAK Baby Fairy Misty

Its been quite a challenge to stay in my studio.  I have one order yet to go, but meanwhile I managed to get this one done as well.  I am trying to step out of my usual routine with the outfits and really try to mix it up a bit.  Her colors are black accented with green. Some fibers of red and gold.


Her asymmetrical hat is so cute on her with her hair cascading down.   I really love this one and she is so sweet in person. It is very hard to capture how sweet she is in a photo.


CLICK HERE to see her Etsy Listing.