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OOAK Fairy Holiday Ornament

I have another fairy ornament. I love this one. she is real precious.  Her body is wrapped in winter white mohair yarn.   Accented with purple and pink fibers, some silver.


I attached a fairy wand to her belly.


She looks so sweet on a lighted tree.



OOAK Baby Fairy Holiday/Christmas Tree Ornament

I had been struggling with a bad back last week.  Kept me from sitting and working.  😦  i am feeling better now, so I went back into my studio.  I was out shopping the other day and the holiday and Christmas decor is already out in the stores.  So hmmm, I became inspired to do a baby fairy ornament.


She has a candy cane on her dress with green bow.  Jingle bells adorn top of her hat. I added a wire hanging loop for adornment on tree.IMG_1066


She is snowy white with sparkles.  Lots of details on this one.  May be hard to see them all in the photos. In person, she’s darling. This is truly a gift and a treasure. I would love to keep her.  hehehe. but I will do more.

I attached a hanging wire for easy adornment on your holiday tree.  Click HERE to see her ETSY LISTING.

OOAK baby fairy in birdie nest PHOEBE

Its been a challenge to get into my art studio.  as always.  But also I have been really trying to refine my skills and my work.  I suppose I am becoming picky about what I create now.  Only trying to capture what I really really like.  There are a lot of fairy heads and faces without bodies on my art table.  hehehe.

At any rate, I have finished this one. I found these little birdie nests at a swap meet sale.  I thought be so sweet for a tiny baby sleeping fairy.  have been waiting for the perfect little baby fairy for the nest.

Here she is.  Her little hat is sculpted too.  She is only dressed in a diaper costuming. Very simple and elegant I wanted for this baby fairy.  Not a lot of glitter, just a touch of sparkle on her hat and wings.


I love working this size. They take longer because so small and tiny details but boy are they so darling to hold this size.


I found my little vintage birdies. I knew they were somewhere in my art stash.  I looked and looked, and i finally found them. I only have about 4 left.  I have one more nest as well so I may do another baby fairy in a nest. This was so fun to work on. and so precious.


Etsy Listing Phoebe for her Etsy Listing.