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Last Fairy for 2015!

I have been absent with a very bad back injury.  Recovery was long and slow and I could not sculpt.  I had to just rest and heal and let my body recover.  I am now about 90% better.  Enough where I can now sit and sculpt again.  Im so happy to get one last doll done before the end of the year.


During my injury I managed to take a workshop on glitter.  By Art Wow, fabulous glitters and I am stocked full of beautiful colors for fairies. Her glitter is top notch amazing stuff and worth every penny.  So on this little one I couldnt help but use lots of sparkles.  Her photos just dont show how she really sparkles.  So adorable!

She is listed in my Etsy Shop.   Her little outfit has stars.   to light up the new year!