OOAK Child Fairy Bluebell Zahra

I have just finished this little beauty! I named her Bluebell Zahra.  Zahra means white flower and the bluebell is a perfect flower for her colors!

Whew!  she was tedious to work on.  Her outfit …..and believe me, adding glitter in just the right places, one little bitty glitter dot at a time with a toothpick … yikes my eyes. I must wear my magnifying glasses.  She just was a treasure though to work on.  After she was finished I was so thrilled with her.  Her colors are so beautiful.  I love the white on dolls and adding a beautiful contrast color just makes them so pretty.

I also did something new with the eyes and used glitter.  This particular glitter is called blacklight. its amazing color of rich deep purple with smokey black powder in the glitter.  Its very cool.  I will be experimenting with eyes and using glitter to make some really cool eyes for my fairies.  Perhaps leaning towards more fantasy fairy look.  Trying out some new things and think it will be lots of fun! I love how her eyes turned out and if she is in just the right lighting, they sparkle across the room.  I took this photo in the sunlight, but when I had this doll on my art costuming table, and the light hit her at the right angle, across the room I could see her eyes glimmering!


She will not be listed in my Etsy shop. She sold soon after I finished her and did not make it into my Etsy Shop.  But stay tuned for more little beauties to come. Ive been getting a lot of time in my studio lately and really enjoying my focus.

I love making little fairy shoes and this one has little fairy socks too.  Oh the possibilities are endless when I start costuming these dolls.  Lately I have switched from tibetan hair to mohair.   I like it much better. It is easier to get some really cute fairy hair styles and my ideas about fairy hair …are that I want their hair to be “not so perfect”.  If that makes sense.    Its a fairy, its magic, its fantasy and the hair is just so pretty when its not placed just so perfectly …. this doesn’t mean that I am not wanting their hair to look beautiful, I just want the hair to be a little more fantasy and fairy like.

I will be doing more sitting posed and open eye ones for little while longer before going back to baby fairies. I need a little break from the babies at this time.  however, often when I start a face I am unsure what direction I will be going in and often they dictate to me what they want to be. So who knows, babies may be born.

I ordered some fun supplies for my next doll. Her colors are going to be fabulous and I can already see this next doll in my vision.  Its only January yet, but out here in the Sonoran desert we have had some great warm weather and it feels like spring, so colors are calling out to me, garden colors. This next one may be a garden fairy.

Thanks for stopping by to see my work.   Many times I want to keep my creations, like this one…. but I just know they are needed out in the world to spread love and lots of fairy magic.

This little one is going to Belgium. She has a long journey to get there, but she just can’t wait to fly!



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