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I Left Etsy as a Seller.

Its been awhile since I posted here at my blog. It gets quite hectic and I had no time to update my blog.

I started creating some fairy furniture.  Cute little bed sets and other wonderful garden fairy accessories.  I will post photos here soon.

I decided to stop selling on Etsy due to their new payment policies.  It is essentially a setup whereby sellers are working for Etsy.   I can not use my own paypal account outside of their system for payments on goods or services.  Etsy has taken over and manages your paypal account through their system and payment is not immediately.  They distribute your funds.  I chose not to participate in this absurd new policy.  I enjoyed selling on etsy however as with all these big sites, after time they tend to do overdo things and get bigger and bigger, more fees, etc. and it is too much work and hassle.  They have lost my interest.   They used to be a great selling venue. However, when it becomes so complex to sell, it keeps me from creating and more time is needed at computer managing my Etsy Account.  Simple is better, selling is simple, they have made it difficult.  I am opting out.   I don’t want to spend a lot of time on computer; rather be spending time creating my art not doing all this work constantly having to change things per Etsy.  Its even getting harder to create a listing with all their fancy features.  To me their are time wasters.

I have started a new shop online and soon I should have some of my items in there and will update my blog when my new shop is open.  I will still take paypal.  I also thought of  selling my items directly through the blog here.  So that is something I am considering as well.

Anyway, I will post my new artwork here soon.  The fairy furniture is so darling and I actually think I want to sculpt some fairies for the furniture as well.  So that is my plan.


Stay tuned…..