Her name is “Fallyn Grace” an OOAK Baby Fairy

Meet “Fallyn Grace”, a tiny little baby fairy. She measures about 3 inches.

I have been making quite a few little baby fairies. I must admit they are giving me lots of smiles. So for now, this seems to be my focus. Which fits in nicely with my busy schedule these days.

I have just finished her. Her name is Fallyn Grace. Fallyn is pronounced like Fallon. With such beautiful red hair, I felt she justly deserved, not only a first name, but a middle name! She has an Irish look about her which I adore.

She comes with a woodland cradle. Her colors are soft chartreuse accented with purple. Her red hair looks so beautiful with these colors. She is so soft and wispy from every angle.

You can view her etsy listing here.

Peg Babies!!!

Whew!! It has been quite awhile I have been here. Had to take a little hiatus. However, I am here now and ready to rock n’ roll with my blog and my art work again!

I had to take time off completely from my artwork. I am now getting organized and back to normal again.

To kick off my return, I will be listing my latest pieces in my Etsy Shop. The original, One-Of-A-Kind, PEG BABIES!

These were a real treat and deviation from my normal art. I am fascinated with clothespin dolls and sat staring at a clothespin for quite awhile before I decided to try a baby head on one. The birth of my Peg Babies came to be. There will certainly be more of these soon.

They are vintage looking with lots of aging, crackling, and antiquing. They remind me of a carnival souvenir. FUN FUN!

The faces/heads are sculpted of air dry clay. They are all wearing little spun cotton top hats! They look dashing!

These will be put into my etsy shop early this week.


Check back to this post for an update on their listings! You do not want to miss these, they are the only ones around and OOAK!

Glad to be back! I have so much to do! More Izannah’s, More Spirit Dolls, and more Peg Babies and hopefully more polymer clay babies! As always, not enough time in my schedule! 😦