Little Izzie in the works …..

I am happily sewing away on my machine, stuffing doll body parts, and painting doll faces. Making little and big Izannah dolls. Ohhhhh what fun I am having.

I have another little Izannah in the works.

We are getting another storm here in NJ. I am not wanting more snow again, but I must say it forces me to sit at my sewing machine and art table so I get a lot done during these storms. Usually our location is prone to power outages with heavy winds and this storm is bringing winds with heavy wet snow.

If the power goes out I am prepared. Not with food or blankets, but with extra doll bodies sewn up!! I can at least get some doll art done and will stuff body parts by candle light if I have to. 🙂

Here is a WIP image of her face from sculpting to painting and antiquing. You can click on the image for larger view.

She is dressed and she just needs a few more things and she is ready for a photo session. More photos to come tomorrow.

I just love these little girls!

Little Izzie “Emma”

My Izannah Doll workshop included a really fun pattern by Dixie for a companion doll and a smaller scale Izannah. So I made one up to practice(and practice) these little Izzie faces…. which seem to escape me and challenge me. Izannah’s features were smack in middle of her face and trying to achieve that and still have them look so cute like the originals … well, this is a challenge for me.

At any rate, I love little small dollies and how you can hold them in your hands. Here is my first little mini Izzie, “Emma”

She has a new mama and is going to a very true and dear friend of mine. My dear friend is an extremely hard working woman, independent and beautiful woman inside and out. So when I think of Izannah back then, I think the same thing. A hardworking woman she must have beeen to actually make, patent, and sell these amazing dolls.

She leaves Saturday for her new mama. Her new mama is thrilled! Which of course, makes me thrilled when someone is so appreciative of something handmade. It warms my heart to know one of my dollies is with a special person that I know will take good care of her.

Her entire dress was hand sewn because she is so small. She is 7″ which is not real small, but when you are trying to make clothes for a doll this size, your like .. woooooooooaaaaaaaaaa this is small! So a lot of sweat in this one and unfortunately during her creation my 3.75+ glasses even broke. LOL. I have yet to replace them. Something I need to do. I have 20/20 vision but whenever I sculpt I wear these pharmacy glasses that really work to help me see better!

I am working on another large Izannah like my first, but will also try to perfect these smaller ones as well!