Her name is “Fallyn Grace” an OOAK Baby Fairy

Meet “Fallyn Grace”, a tiny little baby fairy. She measures about 3 inches.

I have been making quite a few little baby fairies. I must admit they are giving me lots of smiles. So for now, this seems to be my focus. Which fits in nicely with my busy schedule these days.

I have just finished her. Her name is Fallyn Grace. Fallyn is pronounced like Fallon. With such beautiful red hair, I felt she justly deserved, not only a first name, but a middle name! She has an Irish look about her which I adore.

She comes with a woodland cradle. Her colors are soft chartreuse accented with purple. Her red hair looks so beautiful with these colors. She is so soft and wispy from every angle.

You can view her etsy listing here.

OOAK Fairy “Nymeria”

What a beautiful day it was today. I tend to want to spend much time outdoors enjoying the sunshine. I do most of my art work after dinner and into the wee hours of the night. This way I can enjoy the sunshine and get things done during the day. And while everyone sleeps I am up playing with fairies. 😉

Here is my latest little fairy creation! She is a sleeping fairy and rests atop a handmade pink silk pillow.

Purple was my mood for this fairy. With the recent Royal Wedding, I couldn’t help but feel in the mood for purple. Purple is royalty. And all little girls love purple. I believe when I was young it was my favorite color.

Her name is Nymeria (prounounced “Ny-meer-ia”). She measures about 6 1/2 inches.

Her dress is hand dyed silk accented with sterling silver glitters and pretty feather weight ribbons. Her shoes are also dusted with sterling silver glitter. It i so hard not to get carried away with this sterling glitter. I just love it. It shines like white gold.

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You can view more of her FLICKR photos here

Snow Snow! Winter Fairy

WOW, with all the snow everywhere I sort of got jealous. So I decided to make a Winter fairy. No, there is no snow where I am, but I really love that icy blue chill for fairies! Besides, it makes me feel like snow here… well, sorta….

I have been so busy in my personal life so she took a bit of time to complete. She is a 5″ fairy.

She is posed on a wood stump that I found in the desert. I added a bit of stain to it and then varnish. She is removable from her the base.

She is dressed in sweet icy blue accented with sterling silver glitters and blue glitters.

You may view all her photos in her Flickr Slideshow Here

She has been added to my Etsy Shop

LARGE Izannah Walker Doll

I have finally finished a 17″ Izannah Walker inspired doll. She was a long time in the making. She is a soft body cloth doll with sculpted head/shoulders.

Lately I have been making the small 7″ dolls and after finishing Molly I really appreciate the size difference! I love both sizes and really enjoy alternating between the small and the large ones.

You may view all her FLICKR Photos Here

The creation and assemblage of these dolls maintains many similar construction qualities of an original Izannah Walker doll. No corners were cut on her creation and she includes a second skin covering under her clothes. She is stuffed with pure wool.

Her clothes consist of a chemise, pantaloons, petticoat with ruffled edge, bodice with full skirt.

She is listed in my Etsy Shop

She’s A Cutie! Izannah Walker Doll “Erin”

I have am offering another little Izannah Walker doll in my Etsy Shop another little Izannah Walker Inspired Doll. So far, she’s my favorite. I love her dress. It is getting me anxious for spring. I worked real hard on this one and I just love how her face turned out and her cute pouty lips.

Her soft cloth body is stuffed with pure wool and her head/face and shoulder plate are hand sculpted of paper clay. Sanded, softly hand painted, and then distressed to give her an vintage appearance.

Her dress is a beautiful zig-zag pattern in a light teal color. Delicate lace is around her neckline. I gave her skin tone a nice warm color.

Her little boots are sculpted over the cloth and then painted a beautiful honey brown color. They are also painted with the sweet little bow and lace design.

I love this little one and hoping that she finds a loving new home.