Her name is “Fallyn Grace” an OOAK Baby Fairy

Meet “Fallyn Grace”, a tiny little baby fairy. She measures about 3 inches.

I have been making quite a few little baby fairies. I must admit they are giving me lots of smiles. So for now, this seems to be my focus. Which fits in nicely with my busy schedule these days.

I have just finished her. Her name is Fallyn Grace. Fallyn is pronounced like Fallon. With such beautiful red hair, I felt she justly deserved, not only a first name, but a middle name! She has an Irish look about her which I adore.

She comes with a woodland cradle. Her colors are soft chartreuse accented with purple. Her red hair looks so beautiful with these colors. She is so soft and wispy from every angle.

You can view her etsy listing here.

Bat Fairy with Beautiful Bat Wings

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This is my latest dark sculpture, a “Bat Fairy”. The wings took me quite some time to make! They are wire based, then covered with silk chiffon, then the fabric is gently stitched to the wire. Finally, they were embellished with silver/black fibers. They took me about 3 hours to complete and they are posable. Her wing span is approximately 12″ (6″ each wing). She can fly beautifully!

She is crouched low to the ground as she has just landed and is waiting to seize her prey— it’s dinner time. Vampire bats locate a host, land and then approach by foot.

Her hair is Tibetan lambswool in black. Her ‘bat skirt’ is black silk chiffon decorated with beautiful black sparkly fibers.

Her base is wooden, then painted black. I have applied a special marbelized finish on the top in black, purple and blue. The side is trimmed in beautiful edging. The underneath of the base is finished with a nice black felt.

Look for her in my Etsy Shop July 21st at approximately 4pm EST.