Snowman Couple On Gift Box

Oh boy, I think I jinxed us in NJ as far as wanting snow! Heck, all I wanted was little bit of snow .. not possibly a foot! Which we could possibly get with this storm. I finished all my errands today that needed to be done for the weekend. So if we are stuck inside this weekend its not a big deal. Have lots of food but even more important (LOL) I always have loads of art supplies to keep me busy – I won’t be bored. However, we did have a holiday party to attend Saturday night which is now canceled.

Here is my latest paper clay piece. Such a happy couple — Mr and Mrs Snowman on a gift box. These two are so content. It stands 7 1/2″ high by 4 1/4″ wide.

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This was a really fun project. I started with the two snowman and before they were painted I sat and wondered .. what can I do with them. Then I glanced to the corner of my art room and saw a few of my paper mache boxes and grabbed a nice rectangle one. It was just perfect for them.

I hand decorated the box inside and out. On the outside along the rim of the lid is a beautiful cotton green lace and then over layed over that is another beautiful trim. I mounted 4 bolts to the bottom of the box to make the box have ‘feet’ and give it more weight. I also frosted the top of the box with lots of snow and glitter.

I added 3 bottle brush Christmas trees to the top of the box and accented the trees with glitter and little red and green decorations.

I think they look adorable! I have them underneath the Christmas tree in the corner of my art room. My tree sits atop a table and it is a 4foot white tree.

The inside of the gift box did not go unfinished! Have a peek!